Leading Sustainable Organizational Transformation and Growth

Why MDP?

Our Management Development Programmes (MDP) prepare you to become better leaders of tomorrow as well as valuable contributors to your company’s broader institutional goals. These 2-day workshops are highly targeted and act as catalysts for fresh thinking, re-training, knowledge enhancement and strategic development.


In-depth Coverage

The workshops are designed to deliver an intensive, methodical and practical understanding of the topic. Go beyond the basics and deep-dive into the topic to learn about real tools, techniques, and best practices you can apply on the job.

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Expert Faculty

Our faculty is drawn from a diversified pool of highly experienced industry professionals and academicians. Their different background and vast experience provides valuable insights into the dynamic and challenging world of business.

SAS certification

Experiential Learning

The workshops blend a rigorous academic curriculum with practical application using real world business issues and case study. We go beyond theoretical knowledge, and equip you with hands-on, practical skills.

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Group Dynamic

Interact with your peers from different companies to broaden your horizon and expand your network. The workshops help in building professional acumen through extensive interactions among your peers and industry leaders.


Attractive Pricing

The two-day workshops are priced attractively, and are inclusive of study material, lunch and refreshments at a five-star hotel.

Upcoming Workshop: Leading Sustainable Organizational Transformation and Growth – 9th and 10th June, 2016

Organizations, faced with fierce competition, demanding customers and economic pressures, must learn to align themselves swiftly and effectively with the critical changes required for success.

Organizational transformations are inherently complex, multi-dimensional processes. Leaders today are aggressively trying to transform their companies, seeking radically to improve performance by changing behaviour and capabilities at all levels. Unfortunately, most leadership groups lack a proven way of thinking about the challenge. Without balance, integration, and focus, no disjointed set of initiatives can lead to significant performance-boosting transformation.

Our 2-day workshop addresses these concerns and helps leaders and organizations be more innovative, agile, effective, and future-ready. Using the Whole System Transformation model, we provide you the insights, framework and road map to transform your organization. This model transfers easily to any system or situation and is useful in any culture, industry or with any challenge.


Key Benefits of Attending

This workshop is based on the Sullivan Transformation Agents extensive global scholar practitioner experience in leading change and transformation. It will provide participants insights in the different theories and practical tools in leading sustainable organization change.

It distils and simplifies the essential theories and practices discovered about organization change over the past 50 years and presents them in a way that can be utilized immediately by participants. Be assured you are not just receiving theories and listening to lectures—We will engage you in real life practical application for your back home situation.


Understand the key concepts and success factors that can bring about enterprise-wide positive change
Appreciate the competencies and mindset of successful transformative leaders and what they do differently
Learn how to engage stakeholders in multi-dimensional communication and learn to design effective interventions that minimize resistance and maximize buy-in
Understand how to bring about and sustain critical mass transformation over the long run



Roland Sullivan


Mary Jane “Maja” Balasi-Sullivan


Divya Thampi


Santosh Jois

We believe in ‘Learning by Doing’ and place utmost importance to practical understanding of the subject matter.


Case Studies

  • 2 Detailed Case Studies on All State and Airbus, detailing their Transformation using the WST Model
  • Mini caselets discussed throughout the workshop
8+ Group Activities and Exercises
Participants work in groups to select and start up a change process, prioritize the leadership qualities of the system, assess an organization system, create guiding principles to aid their transformation, brainstorm ideas to accomplish aspired intervention, among other exercises

Peer Coaching

  • Participants ask questions to one another to get a clearer picture of the process of transformation
  • Group discussions and information sharing to follow

This two-day executive workshop will give you the confidence to be a transformative change catalyst leader either for your entire organization, your division or specifically your team.

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Roland Sullivan

Roland L. Sullivan is one of the original 100 Change Agents in the world. He has led transformation and change journeys in over 1000 organizations in every major industry in 44 countries. In these transformation efforts, he applies the Whole System Transformation, a modality that he coined and perfected over 50 years of practice. He has taught Organizational Development (OD) globally in 22 universities including the most recognized organization development and change program in the world – Pepperdine University in Los Angeles California. Sullivan is considered as one of the pioneers in the redefining and expansion of OD.

His significant publishing comprises hundreds of articles, chapters, and over 25 books, including his widely acclaimed book, Practicing Organization Development, now in its 20th year and fourth edition.

He received numerous international awards, especially for achieving transformative results, leading participative research on competencies for change agents and large group summits in the context of enterprise-wide change. Examples:

  • Change Consultant of the World – by the OD Institute for his leading the competency research for the OD profession
  • His work at the largest financial institution in Africa, Amalgamated Banks of South Africa, now part of Barclays, received runner-up to the Best Change Case in the world
  • The Best Practice Institute (BPI) recognized one of his cases as the best strategic transformation effort globally.


Mary Jane “Maja” Balasi-Sullivan

  • 20+ years of experience as an OD practitioner
  • Worked in 10 countries in different sectors
  • Masters in Applied Social Psychology from AdMU

Divya Thampi

  • An Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, coach and facilitator and practicing counsellor
  • Completed Executive General Management Program from IIM Bangalore
  • Holds a Coaching certificate from NeuroLeadership Group

Santosh Jois

  • An associate OD practitioner with Sullivan Transformation Agents
  • Trained in NLP, Six Sigma and Malcolm Baldridge equivalent model of IMCRBNQA
  • Solid understanding of diversity and inclusion, having worked in London, Hong Kong and Japan

Come and join us so you and your organization can begin to reinvent yourselves to take advantage of the tremendous change that we are going to experience in the next decade.

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CEO’s, VP’s, Senior Executives, Managers, HR Leaders, Organization Development Specialists, Business Transformation Directors, People Interested in the Field of Change and Transformation


> Rs. 68,500/- + taxes, inclusive of tuition and presentation material. Lunch & refreshments will be served at the venue.



9th to 10th June, 2016



9:00 AM to 6:00 PM



Hyatt Regency, Andheri East, Mumbai


What is an MDP?
Management development programmes or Executive Development Programmes are customized, and highly targeted short term workshops that aim to excite managers and leaders intellectually and also build competencies to face the challenges and opportunities at higher positions in the diverse work contexts.
Why are Management Development Programmes necessary?
Most new managers feel as though they have been thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life-jacket. Mastering managerial skills will provide managers with the confidence and skills required to manage themselves as well as the team. We have also designed the programs in a way that will provide intensive input for the more experienced manager. The training programs serve to sharpen the essential lessons which can be applied to real life circumstances.
What is the duration of the programme?
Our workshops offer intensive training and knowledge transfer in a short span of 2 days.
What is the format of the workshop?
The workshops are conducted as Instructor-led classroom trainings. These workshops are designed and delivered by experienced faculty from the corporate or academic world with proven expertise of executive education. The venue for the workshops will be a five star hotel where lunch and refreshments will also be served.
I already work as a manager or above and know the subject. Why should I enrol for this workshop?
Our management development programmes offer an enriching mix of academic concepts as well as real world, practical aspects. To support and enrich the core curriculum, the workshops integrate a variety of learning resources including practical and experiential learning through cross disciplinary case studies and sharing of real time problems.
How many participants will be there in each workshop?
Each workshop will have no more than 30 participants to ensure effective learning and personalized attention to the needs of all participants.
I like the programme, but the price is too high. What can I do?
We offer 10% discount for early bird enrolments for all our programmes. However, if you are really keen on attending the workshop but the price is a constraint, your best bet is to ask your Manager or Training Head to nominate you for the workshop, and thereby the cost can be borne by your company.

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    Whole System Transformation fosters deep change. We have accomplished in 3 days what the executive team has desired to accomplish for the past four years. In the process, we, the Amalgamated Bank of South Africa became the most loved brand in Africa.
  • Snehal
    I was in The Positive Change Management Class which Roland facilitated this February 2014 in Ghana. His passion and style is to immediately let course participants appreciate the change process and to see themselves as change agents. Expert that he is, Roland gradually switched roles with course participants. He stepped back and soon the trainees were leading the class discussions.








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