Leading Sustainable Change

April 21, 2016

by Zenobia Sethna.


India is projected to be the world economic, spiritual and educative leader in 2050. Therefore, more positive change is going to happen in India in the next 35 years than has collectively occurred in the last 4,500 years. The quality of the transformation is going to be directly proportional to the ability of leaders and organizations to be more innovative, agile, effective, and future-ready. Individuals, teams, and organizations that develop themselves the fastest will have a competitive edge to enjoy the fruits of the new age of quickening and transformation.


Being Change Agents

Whatever got you to your current success will not get you through the shifting age of transformation. It is imperative that you and your organization dramatically change. Current expert training and autocratic leadership will likely fail as we zoom into the future. Being and becoming competent in leading organizational change and transformation is absolutely essential as India enters this new age of quickening and change accelerates beyond imagination.

The Whole System Transformation Model

Sixty per cent of all change management initiatives fail, according to the Project Management Institute, because they focus on the current problem rather than the “to be” state. But the Whole System Transformation model is different! This model transfers easily to any system or situation and is useful in any culture, any industry or with any challenge. Best of all, you walk away with concrete tools and techniques you can immediately apply on the job.


Imarticus Workshop with Roland Sullivan


Imarticus Learning is honoured to have acclaimed Change Pioneer, Roland Sullivan as the expert faculty for its next Management Development Program on Organizational Transformation.

Details to be live soon!


Imarticus Learning is a leading trainer in business analytics courses and certification in finance courses to students and our corporate clients as well.

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