Olaf Ransome

Olaf has over 25 years of experience in Financial Services in a career spanning investment banking and private banking across Zurich, New York & London. His experience covers both Run-the-Bank and Change-the-Bank roles in Securities and FX Operations, Transaction Banking, Prime Brokerage, as well as several years of consulting across many disciplines and product areas. Olaf is a thought leader in financial services and a regular Blogger as “The Bankers’ Plumber”. His extensive network includes close contacts with various leaders in the FinTech space. Exposure to those at the bleeding edge has helped him understand both where the Financial Services industry is in terms of its current challenges and where it might be helped with the advent of new technology such as the Blockchain. Olaf has had permanent roles at Salomon Brothers, Goldman Sachs & Credit Suisse. His consulting work has covered SIX Group, Nomura, IBM, CLS Group, Luxoft, State Street, Luxoft, Sberbank, FirstRand and Nordea.