Iqbal Kaur - Imarticus Advisory Counsel

Iqbal Kaur

Iqbal Kaur has more than seventeen years of experience combined in the field of Productive Analytics and has helped many companies step up their Retail and Consumer Lending Operations up a notch.

The first big break in Iqbal Kaur’s life came in October 2006, when she joined as a Director for Analytics and Reporting. She started by creating an enterprise capability, right from scratch, in the fields of Analytics.
Iqbal moved on to Genpact, where she started her role as a Vice President. She was tasked with taking care of Retail Analytics and developed a lot of solutions across Assortment, Pricing and Promotion.

She started the customer Analytics company Zylotech in 2014, where she has been working as the Chief of Analytics since then. Zylotech uses Artificial Intelligence and solves data quality issues using the same for insight into customer behaviour and marketing operations. Based in the Greater Boston Area, Zylotech has won a host of awards for its tech-base and efficiency of operations.