Imarticus Learning Introduces the Analytics Week – 20th – 27th July

July 20, 2017

Imarticus learning is turning out to be a catalyst for professionals who wish to kick start their career in the field of analytics, by introducing the Analytics week.

Analytics can be understood as a systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, a.k.a. big data analytics. Isn’t it the in thing? With the given scenario of the IT industry, many professionals are willing and can be easily termed as desperate to pick up skill sets in the line of analytics. However, is it made for you, or rather a better question to ask is are you up for it, should you pursue analytics only because many around you are taking that path? And even if the answer is a desperate yes, Analytics is vast, which path would you like to choose, is your choice aligned to the growing needs? will it offer you the ROI that you are anticipating?

It is essential to chart the area in analytics which you would like to pursue. One has to take stalk of the past academic experience and take into account the professional experience gathered over the years, and then have some serious consideration over a list of headers to determine your prospects. This is a very complicated decision, specially so if a working professional just needs to move career paths because they want to align the interests and personalities to the professional choice of work.

To upgrade your career, or to change directions, one needs to seek appropriate and unbiased career counselling, understanding the pros and cons, along with accessing your individual skill sets, your strengths and areas of opportunities, in the most scientific approach as possible, from the industry stalwarts, relevant to the career option of your choice. There isn’t a standard advise that fits all in such situations as each individual is unique, with unique characteristics and desires.

KeData Analytics Bannereping this in mind, Imarticus Learning has planned an exclusive Analytics week, dedicated in understanding your professional desires, and match them or advise you to move ahead in the field of analytics, offering a plethora of choices and courses, aligning them to address your aim in achieving your career goal by offering you the right path in the field of analytics.

The Analytics week in Imarticus Learning, begins from the 20th of July to the 27st of July, where exclusive one on one counselling will be offered to candidates. This free counselling is aimed at getting all your queries answered, by experts in the field of analytics. These experts will view your CV and help you narrow down the most lucrative choices, if you wish to pursue in the field of analytics, it is categorically aimed at you understanding your options, basically supporting you make a clear and informed career switch or upgradation of skills with clear goals and milestones. This week is highly recommended for IT professionals.

There is also a webinar scheduled on ‘Social Media Analytics’ on the 20th of July from 3.30-4.30pm, and ‘Analytics in Technology’ on the 22nd of July, 6 – 7 pm, by industry stalwarts associated with Facebook and Microsoft respectively, who will speak about their experience and further help you choose a path.

So register soon, on the Analytics week and the webinars to get started on the path of empowerment!

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