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December 26, 2014

Deciding what to read next in Finance?

You’re in the right place. If you enjoy reading about Investment Banking, we’ll give you surprisingly insightful recommendations. These are some thriller, suspense and romance genre books with stories revolving around investment banking. Go through a quick synopsis and tell us if you find them interesting enough….

Den of Thieves

A riveting account of the biggest insider-trading scandal in financial history that nearly destroyed Wall Street, the men who pulled it off, and the chase that finally brought them to justice.

Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell makes his case that problems are as volatile as epidemics and are capable of dramatic change in direction with the right intervention – the Tipping Point. If you are a fan of data, numbers and like logical interpretations of phenomenon, this is definitely a book for you.

Flash Boys

In this book, Michael Lewis investigates big banks, the world’s stock exchanges, and high-frequency trading as they have never been investigated, and exposes the many strange new ways that Wall Street generates profits.

Fade into Red

This debut novel – which is equal part travelogue and chick-lit, tells the tale of protagonist Ayra as she juggles investment banking and the Tuscan countryside, board-rooms and vineyards, following her passion but tempered by pragmatism.

Shadow Account

A Finance/Suspense thriller pits a young Wall Street player against corporate conspiracy and White House intrigue. Welcome to the murky world where finance meets felony, money meets mortality, and profit and loss are matters of life and death.


-by Sohail Merchant (Team Imarticus)

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