How to Become a Full Stack Developer

February 14, 2019
Become Full Stack Developer

Let us briefly understand who is a full stack developer, the advantages and disadvantages of full stack developers and requirements to become such a developer.

A full stack developer is a jack-of-all-trades in servers, databases, systems engineering, and facing clients. A customer may specify a web, mobile or native applications stack of technologies needed to map all sub-modules into writing the most effective software program.


The full stack developer is required to use a variety of lateral designing abilities, languages, frameworks, servers and databases to rapidly develop the prototype design. Being good at very broad-based issues resolutions they reduce the technical team-communication costs, docking of technology and time spent and are hence great business-value adds to the organization.

Their skills, active innovative thinking, creativity, collaborative and communicative skills make them very self-organized, entrepreneurial and excellent team members on cross-functional teams. That’s why start-ups and organizations who are Agile prefer them.


Having multiple skills also implies they may not have the expert skills required in any one field or area.

What are the essential skills required?

Building applications need proficiency in the following areas.

  • Functional knowledge and capabilities in programming languages:  You will need proficiency in all parts of the stack and in multiple languages like Javascript,  C #, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc to write your programs. Knowledge of grammar, principles, design, implementation, deployment, and testing are vital skills.
  • Use of third-party libraries and frameworks for development: Doing a course and learning development languages, frameworks like MyBatis, JAVA Spring, Python Django, Hibernate, yin, PHP thinkphp, nodeJs express etc.
  • Technology for Front-end software development: Master HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, frameworks and libraries like LESS, JQuery, SASS, REACT, or AngularJS as the user experience, product development and project depends on such front-end software.
  • Cache and Database software: Data and storage are crucial to the project and developer.MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, SQLServer and Oracle are essential. Include Postgres, Oracle, or MySQL, relational database systems, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, or CentOS deployment Oss, a web-server like Apache or Nginx and git. for version-control. Git/GitHub is a good place to learn.
  •  Designing skills are crucial: Technical requirements often overlook principles and techniques of design requirements in UI, UX and prototype designing.
  • Soft-skills requirements that are vital to a developer are :
    • Wide and innovative thinking
    • Excellent communicative skills
    • Creative thinking, Curiosity and time-management.


Becoming a full stack developer with reasonable expertise takes about four years of work experience and experimentation with software writing. You will need to build on a technically strong foundation, do a ‘learn full stack developer course, strengthen core technical and soft skills, attain a full stack web developer certification and never stop learning and looking for technical challenges.

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