How Can You Get a Certified Scrum Master Certification?

February 6, 2019
Scrum Master Course


In a bid to increase the salary and have better job prospects, IT and other professionals tend to rely on Scrum master certification course. It helps in mastering your project management skills which involve several skill sets using the management practices developed by global experts. So, when it comes to getting the scrum master certifications, there are several steps involved in it –

Step 1- Start Getting knowledge of other methods– The Scrum practices has changed the world in a big way. Hence it is vital to have a fair understanding of the same. The reason why this is important is that to really appreciate the benefits of any methodology or framework, it is imperative to understand the pitfalls (and benefits) of other methods.

Step 2. Get the scrum project experience and review your values– Once you gain a subtle project knowledge at any other methods, its time to compare with Scrum. Experts recommend books like ‘The Scrum Guide’ by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland to get a good overview of the same. This will help in gaining a good insight about the project experience within the department, or organisation.

Become a certified CSM – Once you have gained a fair understanding of different methods available other than scrum, and you have also gained a fair understanding of scrum, the next step is to head towards the Scrum master certification course. It is recommended to take not less than 8 to 10 months in dealing with this step so that you end up preparing for the certification. Better join any training course that can help you in preparing for the certification. Once you are prepared, you can appear for the certification test and come out with flying colors.

Step 4. Enter the real world with your certification – The best way to know how well you have grasped the concepts after getting your Scrum master certification course is to enter into the real world and start demonstrating what you have gained in your experience. With your certification, you can get a good position, which thus offers you the chance to apply your knowledge. You can then discuss the strategies with your line manager and therefore benefit your company and its systems with your knowledge and skills earned with the certification. However, you would be tested only during the phase of chaos and then only you would be able to benefit from maintaining the rules.

Step 5. Get placed at a voluntary leadership role – Keep in mind that this role is not about any management or showing authority to people. However, it has certain elements of the leadership of the management and people in its framework. It is recommended that you end up showcasing your manager your wish to be part of technical or non-technical leadership roles.

Step 6. Get a scrum master role – Once you can prove that you have understood the ideas in Scrum master certification course, then it’s time to facilitate the team and remain in the role of a servant leader. This will make you ready to play this role.

Step 7. Stick to the rules – The last step is that it remains the toughest of all is to set an example with exemplary work. Now, you have mastered the rules, so you just have to meet the deadlines as given by your clients. It may take time to set an example, and many have tried and failed but trying with commitment and patience can bring results.

Wrapping up:

Joining a good scrum master certification course can help in mastering and eventually qualifying the certification. In this fast-moving business world, managing projects and delivering it on time has a great significance, and certifications like these can give you an edge in doing so.

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