Five Ways for A Positive First Impression

March 30, 2016
Positive First Impression

By Sandeep Reddy.


We have only seven to seventeen seconds of interacting before anyone can form an opinion of us.
1.     Spotlight Others:
The greatest way to make a positive first impression is to demonstrate immediately that the other person, is the center of the conversation. If you illustrate that the spotlight is on you, then will be missing opportunities for friendships, jobs, love relationships, networking, and sales.

This is the definition of a bore: Somebody who talks about himself so much that you don’t get to talk about yourself.

2.     Good Listening Skills
You will make a superb initial impression when you demonstrate good listening skills. Give positive verbal cues such as “Hmmm… Interesting!” “Tell me more, please” “What did you do next?”
Just as actors benefit from prompts, your conversational partner will welcome your assistance in keeping the exchange going.

3.     Names
Use the name of a new acquaintance frequently. “Rahul, I like that suggestion.” “Your vacation must have been exciting.” You show that you have paid attention from the start, catching their name during the introduction.

4.     Avoid Confrontations
You don’t always have to be right. Confronting somebody you just met will destroy rapport before you even start building it. Wait until you have established rapport and credibility before you challenge another’s statements.

5.     Appearance counts.
Business and social dressing are not the same, so avoid attire that’s overly formal or overly casual. If your appearance draws attention to itself, it’ll draw attention away from you and what you’re saying. You don’t want them to be distracted by your clothing, hairstyle, accessories, or any other aspect of your personal appearance. So save the sheer, tight, flashy, slick, or stylish looks for the social life. When you’re addressing a group of colleagues, every aspect of your appearance should be directing their eyes to your face, and not anywhere else.


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