Five Must Dos before Switching off the Lights

May 24, 2016

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, and your last thought before you go to sleep is even more important. So what should you do to achieve a peaceful sleep? Follow these five steps to ensure that you end the day on a peaceful note.

1. Make a to-do-list – We all have a plan of action to tackle the task at hand, but not all of us know how to solve the issue in one go. And most often, you know that. Making a to-do list is a lot simpler. Before ending your day at work, make sure to write a list of things you can do the next day to sort the issue. Those with careers in business analysis understand that it’s important to evaluate the situation and strategise, before executing.


2. Spend Time with family: this may seem like an odd point, but it’s very important to just unwind, and spend time with people unrelated to the work you have been doing for 70% of your day. Your pets really miss you and would love for you to spend time with them!


3. Read. Read.: Reading is an important exercise that one must incorporate in their lives. Reading is the only source of information and enlightenment that you will get. Whether you subscribe to financial analyst magazines, or like reading fiction and romance novels, reading helps stimulate your mind, and helps you fuel your creativity and passion.




4. They disconnect from work: In today’s age of laptops and smartphones, where it’s easy to leave the office early and work from home, people forget that work stays in the office and your personal life begins after hours. Just disconnect. Your office work can wait until the next day.


5. Picture tomorrow’s success: Tomorrow is just a sleep’s away, so relax, and envision what your future is going to be like. With the right amount of hard work, dedication, and preparation, you will reach where you want to be in no time.




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Written by,

Tenaz Shanice Cardoz

Team Imarticus

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