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April 28, 2017

There is a saying ‘Those who Can’t do, Teach’, with due respect to all teachers, Imarticus does not believe in that. Imarticus believes if the teaching has to be effective and if the learning has to be relevant to the job, then the teachers have to know how to excel in those areas themselves. One of the key highlights of any financial Prodegree course you take with Imarticus is that their faculties are domain experts. They have a unique experience of corporate understanding and domain expertise along with a passion for teaching. They have all independently established a brilliant track record in their previous roles.

In collaboration with EY as a knowledge provider, after intensive research, Imarticus has come up with 180 hours of skill building program, the Financial Prodegree, covering accounting, financial modelling, valuation and equity research. The courses are designed to build the skill gap faced by most organisations while recruiting.

A financial analyst is the most coveted role in the financial services industry. And what differentiates a good financial analyst from an average one is not only knowledge but the practical applicability of the theories that they know.

At Imarticus, to begin with the knowledge that is shared is industry endorsed, which ensures it is relevant in today’s time, secondly the learning methodology is not just in the form of lectures, but is very experiential, it has self-based videos, case studies and most importantly well-designed projects that prepare you for real life situations once you start your career.

The program has a good mix of academics and learning, catering to experienced professionals and novice’s candidates, with applications ranging from investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and research. It gives practical application to various valuation theories.

Imarticus assists you not only in the theoretical or practical application of theories, but the support is extended to building your personality, shaping it with the expectation of the big corporates. Communication skills, PowerPoint and Excel proficiency are also a part of the skills that are built. They understand that a good financial analyst is not only someone who assess the financial health of an organisation but someone who is also able to translate his findings fluidly to the core team.

We understand that no course is complete till the candidate finds a suitable job, with that objective Imarticus assists you in resume building, interview prep, and mock interviews, all preparing you for the challenges, so that you land the job you desire and springboard into action.

The financial rewards of being a financial analyst are very appealing, however, starting right is the key. Imarticus gives you the right platform with a well-researched and effective course, delivered through the most operative methodologies, by the finest faculty, who can add value, and overall give you a unique learning experience and a professional boost to your career.

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