Executive Development Program on Anti-money Laundering

August 6, 2016

Imarticus recently concluded its very first executive development program on Anti money laundering on 28th and 29th July at Novotel Hotel, Bangalore.


The 2-day workshop was conducted by our resident AML/KYC experts Ratan Postwalla and Sayak Bhanja. The workshop saw active participation from functional executives and managers from Societe General and Viteos. The program was really well received and saw a great deal of engagement from the 10 participants. We garnered a 4+ rating from participants on both trainers and content, with 80% of participants willing to recommend our workshop go their friends and colleagues.


Key topics covered in the program:

  1. Key AML Legislations in Principal Markets
  2. How AML fits in Financial Institutions Compliance “Universe”
  3. Challenges Presented to Financial Institutions in Meeting Regulatory Expectations
  4. Risk-based Approach to Combating Money Laundering
  5. Role of Technology as an Enabler in AML
  6. How the Shared Services Model Adopted by the BFSI Industry has Helped in the Context of AML
  7. Methods that will Help Such Shared Services to Move Up the Value Chain and Contribute More to an AML Program
  8. Case Studies in AML



Imarticus Head of Training, Abhinit Kumar with AML experts Ratan Postwalla and Sayak Bhanja


Stay tuned for many more executive development programs in the coming months.


A sneak peak at our upcoming EDPs

Topics include Fraud Analytics, Best Practices in Operations Management, Market Risk Management and Emergence of FinTech.


We look forward to your participation. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.


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