An Enriching Weekend Getaway for a Good Cause

October 13, 2016

At Imarticus Learning, we have always believed in the philosophy of doing our bit towards the society. Today’s fast paced world has led a lot of us to take things for granted, we firmly believe that efforts towards the betterment of our society are of utmost importance. In lieu of this, we have conducted a blood drive in the past and few other social responsibility initiatives. We thoroughly encourage all of the Imarticans to contribute towards the growth and well being of the society.


Our Executive Director Mr. Apurva Sheth is also doing his bit, for child cancer patients. He has been visiting St. Jude Center and spending some great quality time with the kids there. He loves to read to the tiny tots, helps the elder kids with Math and other subjects and tells them stories.
In a candid conversation with Apurva, he told us that during his sabbatical, he was recommended by his friend to visit the hospital. He went there because he needed a change, back in December 2015, and he loved it ever since. He finds these weekend visits to be a great emotional boost for himself as well as the kids there. He finds this experience to be extremely enriching and something that he intends to continue for a long time.


“I feel happy that the kids are happy. They smile at the simplest things. I find satisfaction in giving them my time, not money.”


img-20161010-wa0030He also mentioned that he takes his 11-year-old son every year on his birthday to the St Judes so that they can spend time with the kids together. Another thing that Apurva liked doing was spending time with the teachers and staff, and teaching them Basic English communication.


He also said “There was a little boy, Pranay. He was my favourite. He was a reserved kid but the more I spoke to him, the more he started opening up. He laughed and smiled all the time now.”


Cancer is a disease, that comes with a social stigma, adding to which is the low quality of health care available in rural areas. With the increasing awareness on this subject, there have been efforts to make the diagnosis and treatments of cancer more accessible to the public. The government in association with various institutions is taking steps curb the number of cancer deaths, especially in children by constructing fully equipped hospitals in rural areas all over the country.

img-20161010-wa0028A silver lining to this dark cloud over the healthcare system of our country, is the increase in the number of foundations that are being set up all over. These institutions are either government run or are taken care of by non-governmental organizations. These take the efforts to raise awareness about childhood cancer and endeavor to provide the much needed support to these children. September, which is the child cancer awareness month, saw many efforts taken by various individuals as well organizations in doing their part against this battle. Individuals like Apurva are doing their bit, by providing the tender affection and support, which these children need the most.


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