Effective Communication Begins with a First Impression

September 14, 2012

Headline- Effective Communication Begins with a First Impression

Publication- Harvard Business Review Blog

Summary- Ever thought why some people create a good impression on the very first go and some don’t irrespective of the knowledge they have?

Many a times most of us forget the classic adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In both written and oral communication it’s just too easy to begin with the mundane, the uninspired, and the ordinary. Whether it’s designing presentations or crafting emails, we all usually end up talking the usual and generally don’t speak anything different. This may be the reason why many audiences almost fall asleep when a guest speaker gives a long speech full of information or instances where many important emails go unnoticed only because of its ordinary nature.

For example, when you are job-hunting and draft a cover letter for your prospective employer, you need to ask yourself if you were the hiring manager and this has landed on your desk or in your in-box, will the letter capture your attention from the very first moment?

These are the interesting things you will be exposed to in this article. Read more to know how you can change the way you do things to create a lasting impression.



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