Disruption in Education

March 16, 2016

by Jasjeet Kaur.

The current education system in India is patterned after a factory model where all students undergo the same education irrespective of their unique learning abilities, learning needs and pace. This leads to an essential or forces “grading” or “classification“of students, where they are sorted at various points and levels during their education. This has worked for us so far but may not be the best way forward in a knowledge driven economy that is prevalent now & will be from hereon.This will need us to innovate and explore newer, simpler & more cost effective education products ,which can supplement the  “one size fits all” learning methodology that we follow currently.

In general disruption essentially means innovative ways to provide a “simpler” product to a wider set of buyers at a more affordable price, for eg, online finance courses. Since the simpler product is more usable and effective for the required purpose, the product is highly disruptive – better product at lower price point.

Disruption in education is one of the answers to the problem we face and technology will play a very important part in this .It will provide an “Education Landscape” which will have a wide reach across segments and geographies, presumably involving lower costs to students and better career fulfillment, hence producing more ready global citizens for our global challenges. This will have an even higher impact in India where the rural education system will get a huge boost through these advanced learning methodologies. Students who cannot afford expensive education will have access to simpler & cheaper learning solutions. The content in such scenarios needs to be up to date, relevant& dynamic as per the needs of the learner yet thorough in terms of teaching and learning outcomes, as is the content by school of investment banking Imarticus Learning

As we move ahead, we need many more niche-oriented institutions that provide specialized career-enabling education. Imarticus Learning is one such institution where we blend high touch learning through our classroom training with personalized self-service through our online learning platform. We offer unique Industry relevant programs such as finance courses in India or  where we empower students with essential domain knowledge and behavioral skills required for a successful career.

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