CIBOP September ’12 Batch

October 5, 2012

They say talented students make a successful college and we truly believe this adage at Imarticus; our current CIBOP batch has immersed themselves in their classes and we look forward to training and nurturing them. Students in our CIBOP batch come from various educational backgrounds and are a mixture of MBA, Bachelors of Science and Bachelor of Commerce degree holders. Here is an insight of what educational backgrounds our students come from.

In the process of imparting practical knowledge that will enable them to be instantly employable and productive in an Investment bank we are also providing them with the soft skills like business communication, presentation which are critical to building a successful career.

We are also constantly asking for feedback and we are very proud to share some testimonials with you.

Priyanka Motwani from the CIBOP batch of Sept 2012 gives a take on her journey with Imarticus Learning so far:-

“From the first call of introduction to the second week of the CIBOP course, it has always been an enriching experience at Imarticus. With a focused curriculum, soft skills training and a practical approach to the entire schedule of CIBOP course, Imarticus transforms you from a Finance Student to a Finance Professional in a matter of few months. And the infrastructure and technology available to aid this transformation is extremely sophisticated and of international standards. ” says Priyanka
“The faculty is always available to facilitate students with the knowledge and experience they have gained from the industry. In addition, we also get to meet senior executives from the Investment Banking Industry who give their insights on the current scenario in the IB space. So when you conclude this course, you add that many years to your work experience as that of your faculty, which will make you an asset for any Investment Bank.” She adds.


Here is what our student, Ravi Achhra of CIBOP batch of Sept. 2012 has to say about his experience at Imarticus Learning:-

“Imarticus is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning and to add, the guest lectures from the higher management of investment banking companies compliments your learning.”

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