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#ImarticusLive Webinar on “Analytics in Social Media” by Ketan Gulati

In this webinar, Mr. Ketan Gulati, Business Analyst from Facebook talks about the day to day practices on Social Media Platform and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence. Along with this, he also throws light on the involvement of Machine Learning the Analytics field. Learn more

#ImarticusLive Webinar on “Analytics in Technology” by Narasimha Murty MV

In this webinar, Mr. Narasimha Murty MV, Data Scientist from Microsoft talks about the need of Data Science and Data Scientist in the industry. Along with this, he also throws light on the Data Science applications and implementations. Learn more

#ImarticusLive Webinar on “What happens to your money in the bank?” by Harish Thakkar

In this webinar, Harish Thakkar Former Director – Capgemini talks about the Financial Banking System and Money trading processes. Along with this, he also throws light on the procedure in which our money is secured by the Banking Officials. Learn more

#ImarticusLive Webinar on “Through the eyes of an Investment Banker” by Reshma Krishnan

In this webinar, Reshma Krishnan Former VP – Avendus talks about the importance of Work-life balance for an Investment Banker. Along with this, she also throws light on the rundown of a typical day for an Investment Banker Learn more

Text Analytics

Imarticus Learning and DXC Technology partnered to present a webinar on Text Analytics on May 30, 2017 with over 100 active participants from across the globe. Raghavendra R, Dr. Sitaram R and Mr. Harish K were the panelists who undertook Learn more
Imarticus Learning Live Webinar on Text Analytics by DXC Technology

Imarticus Learning Live Webinar on Text Analytics by DXC Technology

Imarticus Learning has organised a Live Webinar by DXC Technology on 30th May 2017 at 6 PM. In this webinar, the experts from DXC Technology will illustrate the fact that there is an explosion of textual data with nearly 85% Learn more
Text Analytics – Live Webinar by DXC Technology

Text Analytics – Live Webinar by DXC Technology

It is fascinating to note that the internet can generate so much data, rather qualitative data from ordinary everyday online conversations, which when studied can give us a general idea of what the population feels about a product or service. Learn more

Asset Reconstruction and Compliance with Ernst & Young LLP

In our #ImarticusLive webinar with Ernst & Young we did an in-depth study about Asset Reconstruction and Compliance. Mr. Abizer Diwanji and Mr. Rahul Srivatsa both spoke about the distressed situations and how organisations were combating it. Learn more

Decoding Careers in Business Analysis

This webinar focuses on the important components of careers in Business Analysis. We will try and decode the various nuances of this track as well as the process of how a candidate can become a Business Analyst through our certification Learn more

Investment Banking and Valuation Techniques

In this session, we look at careers in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling and how our online certifications can catapult you towards your career goals. Learn more