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Kickstart your career and explore a plethora of opportunities in the field of Analytics

Imarticus Learning brings to you the Analytics Week from July 20th to 27th with Free 1 on 1 Career Counseling and Webinars with Industry Stalwarts helping you to choose the right Career in Analytics. Webinar 1: Live Webinar on Analytics Learn more

Planning your career? Get Free Consultation from our Counselors and Spearhead in the field of Analytics

Imarticus Learning is a professional education institute focused on bridging the gap between industry & academia by offering certified industry-endorsed courses in Business Analysis. Imarticus has organized free 1 to 1 Career Counseling, where you can get Expert Counseling on Learn more

Asset Reconstruction and Compliance

In our #ImarticusLive webinar with Ernst & Young we did an in-depth study about Asset Reconstruction and Compliance. Mr. Abizer Diwanji and Mr Rahul Srivatsa both spoke about the distressed situations. Learn more
Branch Operations As A Career Option

Branch Operations As A Career Option

Banking operations is that department of a bank that is responsible for the daily legal transactions of a bank like providing loans, mortgages and investments, depending on the focus and size of the bank. One of the most important functions Learn more

Imarticus Learning Wins Pride Of Indian Education Award 2016 for its Online Education & Finance Courses

Imarticus Learning received the Pride of Indian Education award 2016 for best Online Education Platform of the Year and Best Institute for Financial Education (Western India). Learn more
M&A Deals in India – April edition

M&A Deals in India – April edition

by Sonya Hooja.   April 2016 saw a lot of action in angle funding even as Venture Capital and Private Equity came to somewhat of a standstill falling 35% during the first quarter to 90 deals primarily because of overfunding Learn more

Imarticus Learning Now in Delhi!-Read More

Imarticus Learning is pleased to announce that we are now in Gurugram, NCR (erstwhile Gurgaon) to further its vision to become India’s leading player in Finance and Analytics professional education and add to its growing presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai Learn more

Value investing comes in many stripes.

First, there are the screeners, who we view as the direct descendants of the Ben Graham school of investing. They look for stocks that trade at low multiples of earnings, book value or revenues, and argue that these stocks can Learn more

Why Hadoop?

The term “big data” certainly isn’t just referring to the mounting volumes of information companies are collecting. It is just as much about the variety and velocity matters i.e. the massive amounts of unstructured data that needs to be stored, Learn more
Six Things to Do in Your Twenties

Six Things to Do in Your Twenties

When you are in your twenties, most set out to start and define their careers. Some have even restarted and redefined their career within few months or years into their job, deciding that it was probably not what they were Learn more
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