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RecommendedReads | Philip Kotler on marketing strategies for an emerging market

Headline: Philip Kotler on marketing dilemmas facing Sanjay Kapoor, Vikram Bakshi & Anil Rai Gupta Publication: Economic Times Jasjeet Kaur says A succinct and extremely relevant article by the Marketing guru Philip Kotler. He analysis the perspective of leaders in India Learn more

Recommended Reads | Are the UK banking reforms targeting the wrong guilty party?

A recent article in the Telegraph criticizes  George Osborne’s new banking reforms by saying that that while the remedy might be correct it is in fact targeting the wrong ailment. By focusing the new reforms on Investment Banks, Thomas Pascoe from Learn more

Must Watch: Amazing Finance Movies

Not every aspect of finance will be known to you by reading books. But just like our courses which combine theory and practical knowledge, there are several movies that demonstrate several aspects of finance in a very entertaining way. Here’s Learn more

Always Good to be a ‘Lateral’

One always wonders about gaining work experience before a post graduation degree. Is it worth it? Or is it a waste of time? This article The Economic Times explains how students with job experience are considered smarter and more efficient Learn more

Recommended Reads For Well Rounded Individuals

At Imarticus Learning, dear student, we sincerely believe in imarting information that can help you in the real world. In addition to knowledge that can enhance your mind. But here’s something you probably didn’t know about us – at Imarticus Learn more

Ask Shikha!

Imarticus Learning believes that communication is a two way street. Quite often we find ourselves wondering what potential students interested in finance ponder over when starting their careers. For this, we rounded up Shikha Sethi, Head of Placements at Imarticus Learn more

Your Investment – Is it secured?

How do you secure your financial future? More importantly as an Investment Banker, how to do you secure your clients future? What are the 10 Golden Rules to investing? Here’s an article written by The Economic Times which addresses this Learn more

Breaking Up Banks

In this article we provide you with the expert comment of Mr.Harish Thakkar , Chief Faculty at Imarticus Learning on the following article posted by Bloomberg. Do you actually think you can make more profit than you Bank? Let’s see Learn more

The Impact of Basel III

The new Basel III norms, which are to be implemented from January 1, 2013, should render the global banking system much less vulnerable. Heard of the Basel III norms yet? You should have! They are being implemented on January 1, Learn more

Recommended Read: The Debate over Gold

For today’s read have selected an interesting Opinion and Analysis piece in the Business Standard titled: Should RBI allow banks to buy back gold? This piece beautifully presents two sides of the argument. First up is Ashvin Parekh, National Leader, Learn more
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