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March 27, 2019
Bahrain Invites Indian Fintech Firms To Set Up Base   There are few fields which have seen as much a meteoric rise as fintech in recent years. There have been a lot of startups coming up around the world which work in the integration of technology to payments, and many of these are based out of India. In fact, India has more than 2,000 […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
India becomes The World’s Second Largest Fintech Hub: Here’s All You Need To Know   There are few nations in the world which are the growing hub of fintech startups. Fintech startups refer to those which work in implementing technology in traditional finance processes and play a huge role in modernizing any society. Most of the online financial services we use today were at some point proposing something radical […] Read More »
February 19, 2019
JP Morgan Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency   Amidst all the speculations and debates about the ability of cryptocurrencies to store value, the US banking giant, JPMorgan & Chase announced the launch of their own digital currency. The “JPM Coin” is expected to conduct a tiny fraction of the bank’s $6 trillion daily transactions. So, What is JPM Coin? The JPM coin […] Read More »
February 7, 2019
Indian Fintech 5.4$ bn in 3 Years   It has been only around three years since the inception of the first Fintech startup in India. Since that very first day, this sector has been growing steadily. We know that in November 2016, our high-value currency notes were demonetized. Unlike many other businesses, the Fintech startups made huge benefits from this government decision. […] Read More »
January 27, 2019
Demystifying Regtech in Fintech   Often asked questions today are “What is RegTech and why is it so important”? Let’s explore.  Coined from two separate words Regulatory and Technology, RegTech has evolved to be the latest buzzword in the Fintech sector. With financial transactions being subjected to fraud and cyber crimes, transparency in financial transactions, KYC norms, full-disclosure and […] Read More »
January 25, 2019
Fintech in Africa   Let us do a quick overview of the African Fintech network. FinTech in South African is looking to en-cash on the disruption in Africa with technology-led innovations and hopes to improve its failing economy. This should pick the global-investor curiosity and further fuel the changes occurring especially towards the aim of financial inclusion of […] Read More »
December 28, 2018
Is India The Best Fintech Destination? The Indian Fintech industry witnessed a boom in the early 2000s, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. We take a deeper look at India’s Fintech industry Since the beginning of 2010, India saw the dawn of the financial era. Banking institutions began seeing the advantages of technology and invested heavily in emerging […] Read More »
December 21, 2018
How did Fintech do in 2018 in India? Just like the previous two years have been, 2018 was a big year for the Fintech industry in India. This sector has grown with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22%, which is about three times the GDP growth rate of the country, in the last year alone. The Fintech sector is one of […] Read More »
November 27, 2018
M&A Consolidation in the Fintech Landscape   Fintech or financial technology is a term that can broadly apply to any kind of financial activity through digital/online means like money transfers, depositing checks through one’s smartphone, raising money for a business through the online medium, so on and so forth. Basically when one carries out any kind of financial activity only through […] Read More »
November 23, 2018
The New Concern with Bitcoin   Bitcoin has seen massive growth over the past few years or so, mostly due to the ease with which it makes transactions possible. There is no middleman, and it helps eliminate the need for an extra payment for taxes while running a number of transactions. The blockchain is the fundamental software that bitcoin works […] Read More »