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July 15, 2019
4 Trends That Will Rewire The Inner Workings Of The Fintech Industry   Fintech has become the umbrella term for technological infrastructure in the liquidation of fund assets in the capital markets, payment processing, modern digital payment lanes, and such applications of hardware and software. The last two decades especially have seen many fintech entrepreneurs innovate and fill the gap for effective, fast and cheap solutions in […] Read More »
July 5, 2019
How Fintech Companies Are Impacting Millions of Lives In Tier II and III India   Fintech companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Tier II and Tier III markets in India. This is a huge opportunity that comes with financial inclusion to touch the lives of the unbanked rural customers, who with fintech’s technological innovation are personalizing and expanding their businesses to serve and impact millions of […] Read More »
June 27, 2019
Is Fintech Reeling Under New Challenges?   Just recently, the startup ecosystem in the fintech saw RBI regulate and intervene to establish a beta-testing sandbox for fintech products. This move was to provide a controlled safe environment for the release of products. And then, the Fintech sector came across a new challenge to overcome. The crisis of liquidity in the NBFC […] Read More »
June 19, 2019
Fintech Banks, All Set to Be Scrutinized Heavily by Relevant Regulators   Here’s when the fintech ventures tripled their global investments to 12.21billion USD. Clearly, since then the fintech industries have taken root in the revolution of digitization and blockchain technology. The early innovators accepted the challenges and the financial services industries took bold engaging steps to get them there. Accenture reported their insights into the […] Read More »
April 17, 2019
Ministry of Electronics & IT to set up a Center of Excellence for FinTech at Chennai   What is economic growth in terms of the country? Simply put it is the time-bound increase in the marketable economic values of its services and goods.  Since mere economic growth cannot succeed alone in increasing wealth, promoting industrial growth, bettering living standards or eliminating poverty, sustainability and gearing up for future needs is an […] Read More »
April 15, 2019
Flipkart Has $60-100 Million to Back Early-Stage Firms   Financial experts use the Flipkart example to demonstrate its awesome success story.  Flipkart has been at the forefront of innovative business practices for some time now. With the buying of shares up to a three-fourth stake (77%) by Walmart, Flipkart has also been in the news for it’s setting up its Hyderabad data-centre, its […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
Bahrain Invites Indian Fintech Firms To Set Up Base   There are few fields which have seen as much a meteoric rise as fintech in recent years. There have been a lot of startups coming up around the world which work in the integration of technology to payments, and many of these are based out of India. In fact, India has more than 2,000 […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
India becomes The World’s Second Largest Fintech Hub: Here’s All You Need To Know   There are few nations in the world which are the growing hub of fintech startups. Fintech startups refer to those which work in implementing technology in traditional finance processes and play a huge role in modernizing any society. Most of the online financial services we use today were at some point proposing something radical […] Read More »
February 19, 2019
JP Morgan Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency   Amidst all the speculations and debates about the ability of cryptocurrencies to store value, the US banking giant, JPMorgan & Chase announced the launch of their own digital currency. The “JPM Coin” is expected to conduct a tiny fraction of the bank’s $6 trillion daily transactions. So, What is JPM Coin? The JPM coin […] Read More »
February 7, 2019
Indian Fintech 5.4$ bn in 3 Years   It has been only around three years since the inception of the first Fintech startup in India. Since that very first day, this sector has been growing steadily. We know that in November 2016, our high-value currency notes were demonetized. Unlike many other businesses, the Fintech startups made huge benefits from this government decision. […] Read More »