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August 13, 2019
Why Is Statistics Important For Data Science?   Why is statistics important for Data Science? Data Science is a scientific discipline, one that’s highly informed and dictated by computer science, mathematics, research, and applied sciences. Data is an integral part of today’s world– everyday individuals and corporations generate tonnes of data that can only be visualized and understood by the experts. Statistics […] Read More »
August 13, 2019
Top 10 Data Visualisation Tools   Top 10 data visualization tools As the internet and technology become more complex and multi-faceted, there is a significant increase in data across industries. Data storytelling is an intrinsic part of any business, whether big or small because the truth lies in the numbers! Visualizing this data is far from easy, but with the […] Read More »
July 30, 2019
What is Linear regression: What is it? How does it help? When is it used?   Linear regression is a technique for the analysis of data that is statistical in nature. It is used to determine the nature and extent of the linear dependence between independent variables and a dependent variable. The two kinds of linear regression are ·         Simple linear regression ·         Multiple linear regression Both use a single […] Read More »
July 11, 2019
Statistics For Data science   Data Science is the effective extraction of insights and data information. It is the science of going beyond the numbers to find real-world applications and meanings in the data. To extract the information embedded in complex datasets, Data Scientists use myriad techniques and tools in modeling, data exploration, and its visualization. The most important […] Read More »
June 25, 2019
Retail Analytics – How Does It Help Boost The Sales?   SMB retailers benefit in three main ways from retail data analytics.  1. Knowing Customers: Singapore’s Dish-the-Fish fish-stall uses inventory and sales analytics on Vend’s retail management platform and cloud-based POS. Owner Jeffrey Tan prior to switching to the platform, bought what he thought to be the fastest selling fish the ikan kuning. On tracking data […] Read More »
June 5, 2019
Top 10 Python Libraries For Data Science   With the advent of digitization, the business space has been critically revolutionized and with the introduction of data analytics, it has become easier to tap prospects and convert them by understanding their psychology by the insights derived from the same. In today’s scenario, Python language has proven to be the big boon for developers […] Read More »
June 1, 2019
Top 10 Python Libraries For Data Science   The Python 2018 toppers in the libraries categories are: SciPy and NumPy: NumPy is the foundational scientific-computational library in Data Science. Its precompiled numerical and mathematical routines combined with its ability to optimize data-structures make it ideal for computations with complex matrices and data arrays. SciPy is a linked library which aids NumPy and […] Read More »
May 27, 2019
Analytics and Agriculture   Agriculture drives the Indian economy with a whopping population of nearly 70% in rural areas and 40% being part of the agricultural workforce. However, it has many issues and hurdles in realizing its full potential and leveraging analytics and technology for it. The sector lacks banking, financial, disaster management, and water inadequacy facilities and […] Read More »
May 21, 2019
How Analytics is Helping Law Enforcement Prevent Crime?   Spiralling rates of crimes is a deterrent to national growth, especially in the developing Indian economy. It impacts investments, tourism, and perceptions of growth both nationally and internationally thus impacting the stock markets too. The need for constant analysis, regulation of and monitoring of crimes is the bounden duty of the government and the […] Read More »
April 29, 2019
How The Travel Industry Uses Big Data and Real-Time Analytics?   In this article, let us see how big data has brought about tremendous changes to the tourism sector, allowing the mushrooming of successful unicorns lie OYO, Trip Advisor, RedBus and many more to flourish. Big data and real-time analytics have helped the tourism industry rediscover itself and reap huge rewards. Better decisions, improved customer […] Read More »