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June 29, 2019
Half Yearly PE Roundup 2019   The volatile stock-markets in India were impacted by a number of factors both global and domestic like the LS-elections, the international trade war, the NBFC crisis, falling earnings, the MPC meet, weakened auto-sales and such. Nifty and Sensex indices saw a high on the day of election results and continued moving up to 12,103.05 […] Read More »
June 19, 2019
Half Yearly M&A Roundup 2019   The acquisitions and mergers started just seven days into the year.  2019 saw the start-off with two deals running into billions of dollars with one of them at a record USD 82 billion. The deal was among the all-time top ten! Fourteen deals in the biopharma sector took the M and A total to […] Read More »
May 24, 2019
Current Liquidity Crisis and M&A   The financial crisis of NBFCs a major concern For a long time, various corporations, including insurance firms, had made investments through short-term instruments in the Infrastructure Finance Company IL&FS, which has to led to a significant liquidity crunch today. Amidst this scenario, the Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) have been majorly affected by the current […] Read More »
May 19, 2019
Round up of Indian PE Jan – March 2019   From an investment perspective, the first quarter of 2019 witnessed a double value jump to USD 7B from Private equity and Venture capitals as compared to USD 3B last year here in India. In January 2019, the big US deal was from SoftBank who are the majority shareholders in Yahoo. Then Japan invested in […] Read More »
April 15, 2019
Top Five Fiction Reads Set in The World of Investment Banking   Investment banking is an immensely specialized field wherein financial corporations termed as investments banks assist public and private commercial entities in complex transactions. So, it is natural to have much literature that surrounds this broad topic. To save your precious time in finding out the best fiction books available on investment banking, here are […] Read More »
April 5, 2019
Equity Markets and Interest Rates- what’s the link? This is with reference to the recent RBI rate cut.   The 25 bp fall in the RBI’s repo policy rates for the 3rd time is an indicator for the equity markets, interest rates, and investor reactions. With the newly elected BJP government winning a clear mandate, there appear to be large concerns over the domestic rate of growth, the drop in prices of oil, […] Read More »
March 16, 2019
A Look at The Top 5 Largest M&A Deals of All Time   Did you know that 2018 was globally the most happening year for deals in the capital markets and mergers or acquisitions in particular?  In investment banking circles, 2015 is remembered and used as a case study for two M and A deals. The deals of SABMiller PLC’s tie-up with Anheuser-Busch InBev worth 106 billion$ […] Read More »
March 10, 2019
The Evolution of Corporate Strategy From Budgeting in The 1950’s   Learning all about how strategy in corporate is impacted by the budget vision, balance scorecards, goal weights, and such actions, is critical to succeeding in a highly competitive corporate environment. Such learnings should be explored about modern corporate ecosystems and are best achieved in the classroom mode of learning. There are a number of […] Read More »
February 24, 2019
Trends in M&A for 2019   M&A acts as a tool for the companies to solve market gaps, resource gaps, growth gap and so many others.  Companies have to carry out a thorough gap analysis before any M&A actions. Only after a careful review of the portfolio, companies can decide to merge or sell their portfolios. Such decisions are an […] Read More »
February 21, 2019
Deutsche Bank Loses $1.6 Billion on Bonds   Deutsche Bank is amidst the world’s top 50 financial institutions with its investments in BNP Paribas, Allianz, AXA, China Construction Bank and Berkshire Hathaway.  The loss faced by Deutsche Bank in its complex municipal bond investment which amounts to $1.6 Billion is one of the historical losses in the banking industry to date. Embattled […] Read More »