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Student Speak | And now my journey begins…


This guest post is by Priyanka Pawar who talks about her journey so far and what brought her to Imarticus.

Everyone has regrets that they may have chosen a wrong career path that leads to a dead end. I am here to tell you there are no dead ends and we all get a second chance to turn their life around. Whether you prosper in that chance or fail that is all up to you. I have a small life-turning story to share.

After completing my 12th Science, I had a huge decision to face – whether to go for engineering due to parental pressure or defy all odds and do BMS. After long heated arguments and my own will, I took admission in BMS. After a fun-filled three years, I completed my BMS in 2013 with my best friend. I always got an ‘O’ grade while she was happy with ‘A’ or ‘B; grade. After talking to a few people and doing some research, the idea of being an investment banker intrigued me, and I started dreaming of becoming an investment banker. Then my friend called me after the final result got declared and said:” I’m going to take admission in Imarticus for an Investment Banking course and I will get a job in big investment banks”. I was simply amazed by this.

I spoke to my parents about the course and they disagreed. I had to take admission in MMS. Later, after a few months she called me and said she got a job as an Analyst at Morgan Stanley through Imarticus Learning. I just stood there shocked! My response was “Hey, it’s my first day of college. “

Later, after a few months my friend called me and said she got a job as an Analyst at Morgan Stanley through Imarticus Learning. I just stood there shocked! My response was “Hey, it’s my first day of college.”

Well after two years, I am an MBA with few months of work experience and the burning desire to be an investment banker, whilst my friend is working with Morgan Stanley and doing her part time MBA. I tried giving interviews but I got rejected. I realized I was lacking knowledge about Finance and Banking.
I convinced my parents to let me study Investment Banking at Imarticus. They reluctantly agreed and I’m so glad I did this course.

I believe it’s never too late to achieve your dream. I am glad that I have an MBA degree, which makes me more strong and positive from the rest of the crowd. This small incident gave me a lifetime experience. I learned the 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, and Changes. You must take a chance and choose or your life will never change.
-Priyanka Pawar
Student, Imarticus Learning

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Interview with Shikha Sethi | The Placement Process at Imarticus

Continuing  our video series, we managed to have a small sit down with Shikha to discuss the placement process at Imarticus. It is no doubt a competitive environment out there and Imarticus prides itself on preparing their students for interviews and assessments by following an eight step process that includes holding mock interviews


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CIBOP course insight by Mr. Harish Thakkar

Mr. Harish Thakkar,  Chief Faculty at Imarticus Learning, comes with 17 years of experience in investment banking operations and 8 years of experience into training in financial markets. In this video, he talks about CIBOP and the various levels of training students are exposed to. This 3 month training programme is designed in such a way that students get practical exposure and knowledge that is relevant, timely and interesting. According to Mr. Harish Thakkar, Investment Banking is a very knowledge intensive industry. Hence, CIBOP plays a major role in imparting the right skills and knowledge to students. Watch this video to know more…

India Education Diary: Interview with Imarticus Learning

Ms. Sonya Hooja one of the Founder-Director at Imarticus Learning was interviewed by India Education Diary, one of the leading education portals for all the educational needs of the Indian youth in India as well as abroad, which provides a wide range of education activities like education news, exams, education policy, colleges, universities and so on.

In this conversation with Rashmi R Parida (, editor) , Ms. Sonya Hooja talks about the Imarticus Learning and Investment Banking industry . Also various aspects of Imarticus Learning institute such as different courses for Finance and Technology in investment banking, placement opportunities with leading global investment banks and much more.

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