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June 27, 2019
“Agile Requirements With Karl Wiegers: What’s The Big Deal? “   Software companies are using Agile methodology and even the BAs are calling their work ‘Agile Requirements’. According to Karl Wieger, there is a huge difference between the activities for requirements on traditional and agile projects. Rather the work specified as “agile requirements” is not very conceptually different having evolved from the traditional waterfall methods. […] Read More »
June 9, 2019
Retrospectives Make Better Product Outcomes   Most product managers and coaches struggle with frustrating outcomes. The answer to such a situation lies in the retrospectives. The Retrospectives-tool is an essential of the PMs toolkit and relies on learning, transparency and exploring curiosity in a safe environment. The product retrospectives can transform product processes, improve products, and offers an opportunity for […] Read More »
May 28, 2019
What Does a Sourcing Manager Need to Know About Scrum   The sourcing manager’s role can be quite arbitrary and is very important especially in Agile and Scrum practicing ones. Traditionally the role of a manager was boxed into middle management and senior management categories who decided the quantity of work that needs to happen and who or how to go about achieving these desired […] Read More »
May 27, 2019
Ten Contracts For Your Next Agile Project   An iterative approach like Agile Project Management, guides a project throughout the production process, just like in Agile Software Development, where several iterations are reviewed and critiqued by stakeholders before moving onto the next step of the project. There are different types of contracts governing various types of agile projects. Such contracts or agreements […] Read More »
April 24, 2019
Sharpen Your Knives -Making Agile a Reality   According to the reports of a joint study by Forbes magazine and Scrum Alliance, Agile-suites have become the buzz word of the latest models for SME businesses and across sizes that include startups, large companies with cross-functional teams, and everything in between. Being so is synonymous with faster marketing times and efforts, improved financial […] Read More »
April 9, 2019
The Framework That Changes Everything   Everybody is talking about Scrum-Agile principles, its framework, and success. Well, Scrum is not a technology suite. Rather it is an implementation toolset to revamp the way organizations function and think. And this framework when looked at from its core aims and values needs to be adopted across the organization and affects every employee. […] Read More »
March 22, 2019
Refine Your Product Backlog Continuously to Improve Flow   As you might already know, product Backlog is simply a list of everything you have to do to complete your project. It helps you find all your requirements for the product at a single source. This article discusses how we can improve the product flow by continuously refining your product backlog. The Refinement Process […] Read More »
March 14, 2019
The Tester’s Role in Requirement Exploration   An exploratory tester is an important individual in every modern agile team. This testing process varies from traditional testing with personal freedom and responsibility given to the individual tester. It is simply defined as a type of testing where the test scenarios are created by the testers on the go rather than creating in […] Read More »
February 25, 2019
How Business Analysts Can Identify and Reduce Sales Gaps?   Sales are worked for and don’t happen by chance. The marketing and sales departments need the sales funnel, the pipelines and effective strategy to translate them into currency. Your Business Analyst can help you grow your sales as these great marketers show you the way. Why sales persons need a BA? CEO Warren Kurzrock, […] Read More »
February 17, 2019
How To Cope When The Project You Are Leading Fails?   Everyone fails at some time or the other. Failures are meant to be dealt with and learned from. Yet, there isn’t a single training course that deals with fears of failure, coping with failing projects or handling failures at work. And this, despite the fact that project failures cost money, maybe losing a client […] Read More »