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June 6, 2019
How have statistical machines influenced Machine Learning?   The past few years have witnessed tremendous growth of machine learning across various industries. From being a technology of the future, machine learning is now providing resources for billion-dollar businesses. One of the latest trend observed in this field is the application of statistical mechanics to process complex information. The areas where statistical mechanics […] Read More »
June 5, 2019
How can AI be integrated into blockchain?   Blockchain technology has created waves in the world of IT and fintech. The technology has a number of uses and can be implemented into various fields. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence Training (AI) makes blockchain even more interesting, opening many more opportunities. Blockchain offers solutions for the exchange of value integrated data without the need […] Read More »
May 21, 2019
How do you balance Machine Learning theory and practice?   Machine learning is no longer a technology from the future. The technology giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, etc. have been using machine learning to improve their user experience for a very long time. Now, the applications of machine learning are growing across the industries and this technology is driving businesses worth billions of dollars. […] Read More »
April 20, 2019
How Analytics And Data Science is helping OYO To Enhance Customer Experience?   According to the CEO and Founder of OYO Rooms Ritesh Aggarwal, the use of analytics and data science helps identify not only the right demand but also the right action for each customer to enhance their experience. Its pan-India 223 city presence boasts of over 2 million check-ins and a total worth of 260 […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
First Bench – Practicing Math Learning by Machine Learning   It’s a common trend that even though a student studied the subject math in the classroom it is often difficult for him to grasp the things taught with accuracy. The same concept was realized by Salai Arjun, the founder of First Bench who claims that there should always be a balance maintained between the […] Read More »
March 27, 2019
How is Machine Learning Impacting The Education Industry?   Machines today are being used more than ever due to the simplicity of their making and their ability to learn and create value to organizations. The story is not different in the education space either. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to create modules for students, which are highly personalized and intuitive. […] Read More »
March 21, 2019
Machine Learning Tech Can Enhance Wildfire Modelling   Firefighting is expensive and machine learning tools are helping in analyses of forest fires to predict and prevent future disasters, here is everything you need to know on Machine Learning.  Every year destructive wildfire destroys many forests across the globe. With climate change and global warming, there is a growing concern amongst scientists and […] Read More »
February 13, 2019
How Does a Beginner Start To Learn Machine Learning, Having Some Knowledge of Programming Languages?   So you have learnt to programme and were having a happy time at work, by putting into practice what you learnt. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this huge wave of Machine Learning comes up, and you are all at sea! You know programming, but now you need to learn machine learning to stay relevant. And […] Read More »
January 14, 2019
How Do You Start Learning Data Analytics Step by Step?   If you are looking to make a career in data analytics congratulations! You just found the one niche where the demand outstrips supply and employers find it hard to find the right candidate. The areas where demand for BAs outstrips the supply are retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality, e-commerce, and manufacturing amid many others. What […] Read More »
January 14, 2019
Are Data Scientists Useful at Pharmaceutical Companies? Data science has been disrupting the industries for the past couple of years. With the advent of technology, data and the hidden insights in them are widely being used to improve every industry. The industries like finance and health care have already made their way up using data science technology. This article discusses whether data […] Read More »