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July 10, 2018
How Does Twitter Know What’s Trending? A trend on twitter is any hashtag-driven topic that gets popular within a period of time. It is any marketing departments dream come true if their hashtag starts trending or in other words gets popular on Twitter. Did you ever ponder over the fact on how these trends on twitter get started? Who or what […] Read More »
July 10, 2018
What does Intrusion in IT mean? And How can it be Detected? – Knowledge Series Network security, for any organisation, is of prime importance. This does not mean protecting the network with the use of firewalls, but it goes deeper than that to pick up potential threat factors without replacing the traditional or primary security efforts like the encryptions or authentication methods. To understand this better, it is important to […] Read More »
July 10, 2018
What is Business Analytics? How is It Different From Financial Analysis or Company Analysis? Business Analytics refers to the practice of investigation of past business performance using data and statistical models in order to develop new insights and understanding of future business performance. Business analytics makes extensive use of statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modelling and fact-based management to drive decision-making. Business Analytics is used to gain insights […] Read More »
July 5, 2018
Asharani Patel Review on Investment Banking Certification – Imarticus Learning My name is Asharani Patel. This is the story of my journey from studying in a small town to a global bank ranked among the top 10 in the world. This is a story about Imarticus learning, how it introduced me to the world of Investment Banking, made me who I am today. But most […] Read More »
July 4, 2018
Top Investment Banking Interview Questions Test of Personality:- The foremost key of any interview is to talk face to face with the candidate, and understand their perspectives towards the situations they’ll have to deal with, being in the company. The candidate should be prepared to answer questions like, ‘why do you want to pursue in Investment Banking?’ and the likewise. […] Read More »
June 27, 2018
Machine learning in Finance – Present and Future Applications If you think seeing, hearing and learning is a trait of human beings only, then probably you have not been introduced to the concept of machine learning yet. Computers can also see, hear and learn just like their human counterparts. Machine learning in the simplest terms means that a computer is able to learn automatically […] Read More »
June 25, 2018
What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning? With the recent advancements in technology, the concept of Artificial Intelligence has been upgraded with the introduction of different algorithms and learning mechanisms. Two such learning mechanisms are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are practices that are more similar than not. What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning belongs to the […] Read More »
June 21, 2018
Is Machine Learning the Best Way To Grow a FinTech Company? With the financial world in a constant state of disarray and uncertainty, technology becomes the saving grace to navigate through the complexities and resolve the problem of predicting what’s next to come.  While concepts like neural networks and fuzzy logic may require companies to raise their budgets in terms of technology and experts, the truth […] Read More »
June 19, 2018
The Convergence of Blockchain, AI and Big Data Analytics Undoubtedly, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are the two most revolutionary innovations which have speeded up the process of technology. In the present era of DIGITAL REVOLUTION, technology is expanding exponentially, and the interplay of Blockchain, AI and big data analytics is considerable. The convergence of these three prominent technologies has opened the gateways for […] Read More »
June 18, 2018
Career and Scope of Investment Banking in India Investment banking is a truly up and coming career option that is becoming growingly popular among the ambitious youth in India. An investment banker, simply put, is someone who helps their client (often a bank or a financial firm) invest their money in a way that will help them yield the highest possible returns. These […] Read More »