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March 27, 2019
How is Machine Learning Impacting The Education Industry?   Machines today are being used more than ever due to the simplicity of their making and their ability to learn and create value to organizations. The story is not different in the education space either. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to create modules for students, which are highly personalized and intuitive. […] Read More »
March 23, 2019
Machine Learning Tech Can Enhance Wildfire Modelling   Firefighting is expensive and machine learning tools are helping in analyses of forest fires to predict and prevent future disasters, here is everything you need to know on Machine Learning.  Every year destructive wildfire destroys many forests across the globe. With climate change and global warming, there is a growing concern amongst scientists and […] Read More »
February 22, 2019
NLP in Insurance Trends and Current Application   Today the insurance industry is on the disrupt cusp having embraced NLP, text analysis and AI just like the customer-service and legal industries. The large volumes of data generated by insurance companies with their various products, a large number of marketing channels, a massive customer database, and a spread of market over diverse geographies […] Read More »
February 17, 2019
AI for IT Services Firms Backup Recovery And Cybersecurity   The coming of the Age of Artificial Intelligence is an apt way to describe how IT services like cyber-security, recovery of data and backup of data has been impacted by AI developments globally. Any event on cybersecurity throws up newer requirements in cyber-security and a bouquet of innovative solutions using artificial intelligence, cloud storage, […] Read More »
January 23, 2019
Exploring the Potential of AI in Healthcare   To begin with, let us start with AI and its potential. What exactly is AI? Over the last two decades, we have built huge data resources, analysed them, developed ML both unsupervised and supervised, used SQL and Hadoop with unstructured sets of data, and finally with neural and deep learning techniques built near-human AI […] Read More »
January 21, 2019
Role of Peer to Peer Networks in Creating Transparency and Increased Usage of AI   With Amazon’s facial-recognition, face-IDs, use of facial-recognition at airports and on smart-phones, the police use of TASERs to immobilize suspects, and voice-cloning apps, the peer-to-peer networks aim of creating a transparent data system through increased usage of AI seems to have been accepted widely. AI applications have scored for their ease of operations; quick […] Read More »
January 11, 2019
How ML AI Is Allowing Firms to Know More About Customer Sentiment and Response The importance of customer service for any industry just cannot be stressed enough. A recent study done by Zendesk showed that 42% of customers came back to shop more if they had an excellent customer experience, while 52% never returned once they had a single bad customer service experience. The implementation of Machine Learning powered […] Read More »
December 30, 2018
How AI is Helping the Financial Sector Cover Regulatory and Compliance? Synopsis Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and is making waves in the financial industry. From sales management to compliance and protection against cybercrime, here is everything you need to know about AI  On any given day, you as a consumer can carry out transactions online without having to worry about security and if your payment […] Read More »
December 28, 2018
Top Features of Amazon Sagemaker AI Service   Amazon Sagemaker is the latest service that has changed the programming world and provided numerous benefits to machine learning and AI. Here’s how: The Amazon Sagemaker or the AWS as its popularly known as has many benefits to organisations. It can scale large amounts of data in a short span of time, thereby reducing […] Read More »
November 29, 2018
AI Pitfalls: The Reality of Implementing AI   There is no denying the rapid rise of AI. Since 2012, AI has become an almost essential part of every sector of business.  In medical sectors, AI is making breakthroughs, be it precision surgery, making it safer to go under the knife or in banking, the AI interface has made transactions and customer care-a […] Read More »