Free Online Webinar: Demystifying Analytics Careers

September 22, 2016

Imarticus is excited to invite you to our Webinar on careers in Analytics on September 27th.


Harvard Business Review has called the Data Scientist, the sexiest IT career you can have. But what exactly do Data Scientists do? What is Data analytics? Is it just picking through numbers? But I was terrible at Math and Science in school!


According to this article in the Harvard Business Review – More than anything, what data scientists do is make discoveries while swimming in data. It’s their preferred method of navigating the world around them. At ease in the digital realm, they are able to bring structure to large quantities of formless data and make analysis possible. They identify rich data sources, join them with other, potentially incomplete data sources, and clean the resulting set. In a competitive landscape where challenges keep changing and data never stop flowing, data scientists help decision makers shift from ad hoc analysis to an ongoing conversation with data.


If you are still grappling for answers, then join our webinar, which demystifies this fascinating career path, and answers questions like what do data analysts do actually? What tools do they use? Where can I study it? Why is the Imarticus Learning Program in Data Analysis the most respected program in the country for Data Analytics? And the most burning question of all, what am I going to earn when I finish the program? Our industry experts will be on call to counsel you on which path to take and will fill you in on all the latest trends.


Imarticus Learning courses focus on the tools and techniques needed to excel in the competitive analytics landscape. What are the differences between our dedicated programs for R, SAS and Python?


Our speakers are Mr Mohan Rai, Director at S & R Analytics, involved in Delivery of Analytics Consulting/Training solutions and SIP Partners for TCS. He is a visiting faculty at several Universities and colleges, and is regularly invited as a panelist on Analytics conferences. Mohan has 8 years of experience in Core Analytics (Sales & IT). He holds degrees in Business Analytics and Intelligence from IIM-Bangalore, MBA in Marketing and BSC in Statistics.


Joy Parekh is Assistant Vice President at Imarticus and helped initiate the Online Learning vertical. Presently, he manages a 20-member team across Online Business Development, Product and Governance functions within Imarticus Learning. His exposure to both the start-up and the corporate world will be instrumental and can offer valuable insights to aspirants to kick-start their careers in Data Analytics.


Here’s what Jasmine had to say about our previous webinar on Data Analytics Careers –

Understanding the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science was always confusing, but this webinar helped. I learned a lot from Mr Vishal as he gave a lot of tips on how to get into analytics ”



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