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April 22, 2017

There is a quote which goes like, ‘If Shakespeare was still alive in today’s fast paced world, with multiple job opportunities, and he would say “The world is a game and all the men and women are players.”
This statement, while it may seem really comic, it is true in terms of the way things are on the whole job scene. As more and more candidates graduate every year, the industry experts seem to have noticed a gradually sliding graph of industry ready candidates.

This is basically the reason as to why many HR managers feel that it is a task, as a fresh graduate usually is like a blank canvas and you have to start from the very beginning with them. This is true and in keeping with the statistics that about 35% of the Indian candidates are absolutely unaware of what soft skills are and how they work according to the industry.
Thus, keeping this in mind here’s a list of some life hacks which will definitely help you get ahead in the industry.

1. Have a social media presence
The one thing that all job advice websites and forum will tell you to avoid, almost like the plague is social media. This is mainly because most of the employers these days conduct an online research practice, for each of their employees. But hear us out on this, while you can definitely make the internet a liability to your CV, you can also turn it into an asset. Conduct something similar to a SWOT analysis for all of your social networking accounts and start clearing off the junk.

For instance, you can definitely create an excellent LinkedIn profile, which will be sure 10 pointers for recruiters. Sharing tweets as well as tweeting anything and everything that is relevant to your industry, makes you come across as someone who knows their stuff really well.

2. Twitter can get you a job
Just as LinkedIn, Twitter is one such social networking site, which can help you stay strong in the game. As it happens to be the most popular micro-blogging site, it is the best choice for everyone who is anyone and wants to keep the world updated about their activities. This is where a number of companies and recruiters post their latest news, openings, and vacancies and so on. But this isn’t a life hack yet, what makes it the best life hack is the fact that you can make something called a Twitter List. All you have to do is create a Twitter List and add all of those accounts, which usually post the kind of jobs you are interested in. Thus there remains no hassle of going to each page and checking out their updates.

3. Join a course
These days, just possessing a generic degree is not enough. As a candidate, you are expected today to have more than just the arbitrary knowledge of a degree. This is the reason why the concept of financial certification courses has come to be really popular. These certification courses will help you spruce up your CV and make it look even more inviting. So joining an institute like Imarticus Learning for pursuing certification courses in Finance and Analytics is a great way to go ahead. The best part? Institutes like Imarticus also help you by offering to develop your skill sets and make you more industry oriented.

Thus, these tips will definitely help you make a mark as a fresh graduate on your employers.


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