Big Data Soon To Cure Infectious Diseases

January 2, 2017
big data in Healthcare

2016 has seen a massive spurt of popularity for the field of Big Data Science. With concepts like Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics, coming into the limelight, the whole world experienced the dawn of a new era in terms of the field of information technology. We are all aware of the various marvels that can be performed with the help of data analytics. Some very popular examples could be the growth and development in Artificial Intelligence, the various employee enhancements strategies of the Human Resources Departments, the fact that the entire world could be going cashless soon enough and so on. But did you know, that big data is now can be advanced enough in healthcare industry, to stop and fight infectious diseases?

big-data-healthcareEarlier in the early, post modern times, it was a huge task to be able to track any kind of disease at all. Probably this was why there were a majority of outbreaks of epidemic diseases. Medical information was either unavailable or there was no medium through which it could be kept a track of. With the advent of technology it became very possible to store huge amounts of medical records on the PC’s. But then, as there was no way to connect countries wirelessly, it was impossible to inform everyone about certain outbreaks. This was because you would have to print every single piece of information and then take the pains of actually going ahead and transferring it to different quarters. But with the advent of the internet and now with the advent of Data Science, the scene has changed drastically. What earlier seemed a fable like thought, today seems a possible reality. With the help of various data analytics tools today, it is soon going to be possible to map various diseases, their impact as well as, make it possible for asserting predictions.Data Analytics Banner

Outbreaks are usually found in places with high chances of exposure, like for example hospitals or places with a large number of infected people. Big data would be able to track such occurrences, which are also known as “healthcare associated infections”, the benefit of which will help us then map the spread of such diseases. While on one hand, it was difficult to map these diseases in the early days, mainly because of the fact, that with time they changed as well. But today, with the concept of evolving maps in place, in addition to being interactive, these can map the progress as well as intensity of the diseases. These diseases are usually known to make rapid shifts in terms of how it spreads and where it spreads to, this is where the maps will be able to serves perfectly, mainly because this will help professionals to go on and predict of the next place, that the disease might affect, thus in a way forewarning. There are many efforts being taken to develop such data simulation systems by a number of Data Scientists. This is another reason why the field of Big Data Science has begun to attract more aspirants.

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