Why MDP?

Our Management Development Programmes (MDP) prepare you to become better leaders of tomorrow as well as valuable contributors to your company’s broader institutional goals. These 2-day workshops are highly targeted and act as catalysts for fresh thinking, re-training, knowledge enhancement and strategic development.


In-depth Coverage

The workshops are designed to deliver an intensive, methodical and practical understanding of the topic. Go beyond the basics and deep-dive into the topic to learn about real tools, techniques, and best practices you can apply on the job.

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Expert Faculty

Our faculty is drawn from a diversified pool of highly experienced industry professionals and academicians. Their different background and vast experience provides valuable insights into the dynamic and challenging world of business.

SAS certification

Experiential Learning

The workshops blend a rigorous academic curriculum with practical application using real world business issues and case study. We go beyond theoretical knowledge, and equip you with hands-on, practical skills.

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Group Dynamic

Interact with your peers from different companies to broaden your horizon and expand your network. The workshops help in building professional acumen through extensive interactions among your peers and industry leaders.


Attractive Pricing

The two-day workshops are priced attractively, and are inclusive of study material, lunch and refreshments at a five-star hotel.

Upcoming Workshop: Learn about key control points in the trade life cycle and imbibe best practices for fine tuning your controls

At the heart of every investment bank is a dedicated Operations team responsible for the management and execution of millions of securities transactions on a daily basis.

The quality of Operations will drive banks’ ability to actually operate profitably. What are the big changes that banks in developed markets are wrestling with? What can be learned and how can you do better? In this workshop, learn how to harness international best practices to optimise your internal operations; improving controls, creating capacity and minimising your costs.

Come and join us to enhance the key control points in the front-to-back flow of the trade life cycle and implement best practices to fine tune your controls.


Our 2-day workshop is designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the critical control points in the trade life cycle of securities. Participants will learn about best practices to fine tune internal controls, risk management, cost management, and working in outsourced processes.



  • Learn: Critical points in the trade life cycle where need to review your current practices.
  • Design: Key processes using global best practices and new, innovative thinking
  • Execute: Processes and best practices that will optimize your internal operations, improve controls and minimize costs



  • Comprehensive pre-workshop podcast
  • Exclusive course material for future reference
  • Case study-driven learning methodology
  • Assessments to check your learning and assess your progress
  • Course certificate and full course report


We believe in ‘Learning by Doing’ and place utmost importance to practical, real-world knowledge and hands-on learning.

Key concepts will be illustrated using case studies from the Indian and US markets to provide real-world context. Cases include:

  • Ensuring data quality: instrument data, customer data
  • Impact of regulatory pressure on reporting
  • Managing operational risk

This exclusive, two-day program is limited to 25 participants and puts attendees in cohort teams guided by an expert faculty – to facilitate learning, maximize interaction, and form lasting connections.

Case Studies
Key concepts will be illustrated using case studies from the Indian and US markets to provide real-world context.
Group Activities and Exercises
Participants work in groups to complete exercises which fosters team work
Knowledge Sharing
Participants learn from the faculty and their peers through sharing of experiences and insights
Discussions and Q&A
Discussions based on real life practical examples and case studies, followed by Q&A to clarify doubts

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Olaf has over 25 years of experience in Financial Services in a career that has included work in Zurich, New York & London. He has worked in Operations in investment banking and private banking across many disciplines, most notably Operations, and product areas. He is the Founder of 3C Advisory Limited, which offers consultancy to deal with the challenges in the post trade world of banking & finance.

He has also previously worked at Nomura, Luxoft, State Street, SIX X-Clear, Salomon Brothers Intl Ltd, Goldman Sachs and served as the Director at Credit Suisse. He currently works at Nordea as a consultant for the Group’s financial information reporting.

Olaf holds a degree in Business Administration with a Modern Language (BA, Hons) from the University of Loughborough, and he is a graduate of the Institute of Marketing (GInstM). He is also a graduate of the executive programme at the Swiss Finance Institute and is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt. He is also the author of the soon to be published book ‘The Operations Professional’s Handbook.’

To enroll for this program, please click below:


This workshop is best suited for managers and above who support a production function in Operations or are in Change Management supporting Operations at Investment Banks and NBFCs.


Rs. 40,000/- + taxes, inclusive of tuition and presentation material. Lunch & refreshments will be served at the venue. Early bird discount of 10% for registrations before 15th March, 2017



10th to 11th April, 2017 – Mumbai

13th to 14th April, 2017 – Bangalore



9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


What is an MDP?
Management development programmes or Executive Development Programmes are customized, and highly targeted short term workshops that aim to excite managers and leaders intellectually and also build competencies to face the challenges and opportunities at higher positions in the diverse work contexts.
Why are Management Development Programmes necessary?
Most new managers feel as though they have been thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life-jacket. Mastering managerial skills will provide managers with the confidence and skills required to manage themselves as well as the team. We have also designed the programs in a way that will provide intensive input for the more experienced manager. The training programs serve to sharpen the essential lessons which can be applied to real life circumstances.
What is the duration of the programme?
Our workshops offer intensive training and knowledge transfer in a short span of 2 days.
What is the format of the workshop?
The workshops are conducted as Instructor-led classroom trainings. These workshops are designed and delivered by experienced faculty from the corporate or academic world with proven expertise of executive education. The venue for the workshops will be a five star hotel where lunch and refreshments will also be served.
I already work as a manager or above and know the subject. Why should I enrol for this workshop?
Our management development programmes offer an enriching mix of academic concepts as well as real world, practical aspects. To support and enrich the core curriculum, the workshops integrate a variety of learning resources including practical and experiential learning through cross disciplinary case studies and sharing of real time problems.
How many participants will be there in each workshop?
Each workshop will have no more than 30 participants to ensure effective learning and personalized attention to the needs of all participants.
I like the programme, but the price is too high. What can I do?
We offer 10% discount for early bird enrolments for all our programmes. However, if you are really keen on attending the workshop but the price is a constraint, your best bet is to ask your Manager or Training Head to nominate you for the workshop, and thereby the cost can be borne by your company.

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  • prashant
    Steve Clements Director. Global Head of Cash, FX & Payment Operations – RBC Investor & Treasury Services
    It was with great pleasure that I was able to work with Olaf on the CLS programme at Nomura. Olaf was the Programme Manager and had put together a small, but experienced team of people to migrate Nomura from a 3rd party service provider, to be able to self-clear in a record time of 10 months. He has a no nonsense approach to work, with clear vision and results orientated. He is able to get down into the detail, but then present at Board level. During the programme his vast wealth of experience in the financial sector allowed him to report on other opportunities for Nomura to streamline activities and produce huge cost savings. Not something you’d be surprised about if you knew Olaf. That’s what he does.
  • patil
    Steffen Bassler Managing Partner at Allegra Partners
    Olaf is an exemplary senior finance executive with a broad experience in international markets. He is very customer oriented fostering long standing relationship based on confidence and confidentiality. His integrity and trustworthiness are unquestionable. He’s also a thoroughly great person and a pleasure to work with!








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