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January 23, 2013


Imarticus Learning believes that communication is a two way street. Quite often we find ourselves wondering what potential students interested in finance ponder over when starting their careers. For this, we rounded up Shikha Sethi, Head of Placements at Imarticus Learning to address all your queries related to a life and career in finance. We did this via two LIVE Facebook chats. Here is a roundup of all the questions asked and the expert answers that followed them.

Rhea Sharma: I wanted to ask you about the placement provided by Imarticus. Can you share me a few company names hiring students from Imarticus?
Shikha Sethi:  Most of our first batch has been placed with firms like Nomura, BOA, JP Morgan, BNY Mellon to name a few.

Hardi Sanghvi: Hello. I want to know how it feels to be a Finance professional.
Shikha Sethi: Feels great to be a part of the most rewarding industry which influences all facets of our society.

Vikhil Sharma: I am interested in CIBIT. How can Imarticus help me in getting a job in a good IB?
Shikha Sethi: Imarticus training helps to bridge the gap between academia and corporate thereby empowering you to have a career with an IB firm – this is accomplished through our teaching methodology which combines class room training with real life simulations. I wish you all the luck.

Kiran Mishra: Are there some sort of tests to check how much we have understood?
Shikha Sethi: We have continuous assessments throughout the training where we check your understanding and ensure we handhold you in areas where you need additional help.

Rhea Sharma: I have heard Imarticus has launched a new course called CIBIF. How is this different from the CIBOP course?
Shikha Sethi: The new course that Imarticus has launched called CIBIF is more relevant for CA’s to want to pursue their careers in Investment Banking – Finance; while CIBOP – enables or support students to pursue their career in Investment Banking – Operations. I hope this helps.

Jasdeep Singh Arora: I am an MBA-Finance guy currently m working with telecom sector in sales & marketing field but I want to enter into financial sector with a finance profile only so my major concern is about placement surety??
Shikha Sethi: Imarticus provides specialized career and placement services – please be assured that course and our structured interventions will ensure your placement with a leading Investment Bank.

Pravin Patil: How many students placed from recent batch?
Shikha Sethi: Dear Pravin, almost the entire first batch of operations is already placed. On the IT front the batch is still undergoing training, however, the organizations largely remain the same.

Akshay Dongre: The CIBIT program is still new, and besides the first batch of CIBIT hasn’t been placed yet…so I wanted to know which companies would the CIBIT students be placed in…I mean is the pool of companies still the same or are there more IT companies which are involved.
Shikha Sethi: Dear Akshay, the CIBIT batch would get placed in the IT side of the Investment Banking organizations largely – so I can say that mostly the pool of companies should remain the same.

Abul Hasan Rajani: CIBIT is not a recognized course…How can u assure that it’s going to get us placed??
Shikha Sethi: Dear Abul, Imarticus management comprises of senior professionals from the Investment Banking industry. Also the curriculum that we follow is as per industry standards – therefore we ensure quality training to our candidates. Together with that we have a wide network within the IB industry which ensures sufficient employment opportunities.

Aankeet Sin: I have the same query as Abul Hasan Rajani mentioned above. Is this course valuable in market for technical person like B.Tech graduate?
Shikha Sethi– Dear Aankeet, yes this course would certainly help you be industry ready not only on the Investment Banking IT side but also overall personality development as well which maximizes your ability to be hired by Global Investment Banks.

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    Hi I am currently pursuing mba in finance and hr. If I enroll myself in CFA level 1 course what would be the duration and after completing the course will i be placed for sure.

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