Always Good to be a ‘Lateral’

January 30, 2013

One always wonders about gaining work experience before a post graduation degree. Is it worth it? Or is it a waste of time? This article The Economic Times explains how students with job experience are considered smarter and more efficient over students who have never spent a day in an office.

“Early this month, Google India wrapped up a new search at IIMs in Ahmedabad and Kolkata. It walked into the placement round for ‘laterals’ for the first time ever and hired a few. In campus placement context, ‘laterals’ refer to students who had work experience before joining the course. Google declined to share numbers, but a spokesperson said it hired more laterals this year than last and that the number of such hires was in double digits. Previously it only hired laterals from ISB, Hyderabad, never from the IIMs.”

Read the full article here.

Here is what Ms. Shikha Sethi, our Chief Faculty has to say about this.

“Here at Imarticus we have always believed that work experience is critical to an effective MBA and a placement. However, how do you get that first job? This is a chicken and egg equation. This is why our curriculum is built around actual Industry knowledge which helps both fresh graduates become efficient as soon as they enter the organization. We do this by simulating the actual Investment Banking environment, which prepares our students from day one.”

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  • Abhishek Roy says:

    In today’s highly competitive job market, there is always the requirement for candidates having that extra edge especially while hiring freshers.. Here at Imarticus that extra edge is provided..

  • Subhasis Dasgupta says:

    I have completed my CIBOP in the month of November from Gurgaon .I was little sceptical about joining the program initially as I was going to be part of second batch.I had nothing to do that time and I was too stubborn about joining an investment bank and this was the best option for me.Coming to the point the course was good ,it was not phenomenal ,the delivery of content was great and the support system was good too.Overall I had a great experience .Learned a lot about what is Investment Banking all about and it is not all that fancy what I thought about this job because 90℅ of the job in India are backend and mostly are in the operation department.Anyways I am placed at Goldman Sachs as an Analyst and I am really happy that I got into my dream company.If I have to rate Imarticus out of 5 I will give 4.It was an honest review.

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