A Letter To Our Teachers

September 5, 2016

Learning has no end and we never know where it begun; it’s a continuing process. This acquisition of knowledge will be more effective and valued high if that comes from a mediator who has the capability to mold others. All the academic credentials we hold has higher worth and preferred by the industry only because it comes from the educational institutions. Such institutions are not an island; nevertheless they are the proxy for the qualified trainers (Teachers) they have.

A TEACHER is one who teaches something new (mostly from the subject books); they prepare students for examinations and make them get good score.
A TUTOR is one who teaches something new; but, they come alongside with student, help to understand how to apply what they have learnt.
A TRAINER is one who not only teaches but also tutors, guides, instructs, educates, drills, coaches and act as a mentor.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”- Benjamin Franklin

As well said by Benjamin, trainer is the one who helps in the REAL LEARNING. All successful people cherishes the best moments praising their mentors. Trainer helps in uncorking the hidden talents among the people, which until then not realized apart from making the people highly creative and competent. Thus, Trainer has such a creditability and even they are treated a level above the GOD according to a familiar Tamil proverb.

We all take an opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you render to the society shaping up an ordinary man to be a very successful person in his life.

The knowledge you share! The way you teach!! The love you shower!!! makes you the BEST TRAINER !!!!
HAPPY TEACHERS DAY Beloved Trainers!

Team Imarticus

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