4 Facts About Big Data That You Didn’t Know

October 8, 2016
Big Data

Recently the internet broke with news that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, released photos of the location of his data centers. These images of gigantic structures right in the middle of close to -30° Celsius temperatures, both shocked and amazed everyone. Mark also mentioned that this is the world’s most efficient data center, working on the basis of turbines who naturally suck in the cold air from the outside, to cool down these huge hot turbines. If you are one of the select few that are wondering what is on these servers, it is simply data. Data from all the photos you upload, all the statuses you updates, all the places you check in from and so on.

This massive amounts of data is what we know as big data today. The concept of Big Data has been a revolution that has shook the virtual world. It primarily refers to the scores of records of every person, making use of the virtual world. There are quite a few among us, who think of Big Data just as a fad and something that would pass away but if scientists are to be believed, we would be generating about 1.7 megabytes of data, per second by the time we get to the year 2020.Data Analytics Banner

Big Data has given a massive face-lift to the marketing industry and is successfully venturing into other fields to.

Here’s a list of four facts about big data, which you didn’t know:

Big data needs to be stored in big servers

Probably the size of football grounds sometimes for companies like Facebook. We would all think that the one company which has the highest number of servers would be google? Well, then we would all be wrong. The companies with the highest number of servers is the online marketplace mega giant, Amazon. To be exact it has about 1,400,000 servers.

Winning a world cup for any sports event is the result of great teamwork

Flawless strategy, herculean efforts and a bit of great luck. Big Data is a new addition to that list as seen in the recent years. Believe it or not, Big Data can help scientists actually predict would win the world cup. Not only this but there are also some advertising companies, that claim that they can predict which movie would win the Oscars, based on the data generated from the likes and dislikes of people during that time.

All these wonders of Big Data are brought to be with the Help of Analytics

The Data Scientists make use of various programming languages like R Programming, SAS Programming, Python, Hadoop and more to draw insights from datasheets. It is believed that by the year 2020, the Hadoop software may have a compound annual turnover surpassing about $ 1 million, with a growth rate of 58%.

Did you know that one airplane flight can Generate about 4 Terabytes worth of Data?

Google has about 40,000 searches every single day and we all know that Facebook has users, who could populate an entire country. But what we all don’t know is this, of the staggering amounts of data all around us, only 0.05% is being analysed today.

Big data and Hadoop
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