10 Questions To Measure Your Career Success By

September 11, 2019
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Everyone needs a reality check once in a while. Although there are obvious ways to detect if you are flourishing in your current job, there comes a time when it becomes difficult to understand what really is going on. You may love your job and are happy with the way it has shaped up over the years. But does that mean it is an ideal scenario for you? Are you capable of something more? How do you measure career development and success?

These are the queries that we will help you clear today. But how?

By going through 10 questions that you need to ask yourself to measure your career success by. Make sure you answer them honestly.

Questions to Ask Your Professional Self

Whether it is recognition at work or employee engagement that you yearn for, answers to these questions will help you ascertain your current stand in your professional life.

What different goal have I planned for next month/quarter? 

Every job requires a push where you periodically take up more tasks and responsibilities. If nothing of that sort is planned, then you should really start talking to your manager and volunteering for more work. Doing more work than what is intended of you is a sure-shot sign of recognition at work and career development.

What major thing did I achieve this month?

It can be anything that you did at work that impressed yourself as well as your boss. Did you achieve all the campaign goals for this month? Bravo!

Can’t remember anything? Time to strive harder next month.

How great is my personal brand going?

Every individual need to have a personal brand; something that differentiates themselves from others. It can be as simple as the style of email writing. Do you find you are not deviating from your personal brand and still doing great at work? You are sorted.

What new thing did I learn about myself last month?

This is especially important for new employees. Did you find you are a slow writer or that you are pedantic when it comes to reporting generation? Good or bad, you need to cultivate or correct it respectively before moving ahead into the next month.

Did I observe any lapses in how I performed?

Last month, the annual report did not go out in time. Can you find out why? If it was dependent on you, can you remember what led to it being sent out late?

Understanding your own lapses at work can be great for daily work management.

What meaning do I derive from work?

Most content writers in India love their job because they are creating something. They find their work value to be redeemed; like giving back to the world in some way. Do you feel something like that with your line of work? it’s a great way to design your career development plan with.

How did my personal life influence my work?

Did anything from your personal life cross the road and affect your work-life last month? Something that was not really positively? It is time to isolate the issue and find out solutions that it never happens again. Proper work-life balance and self-imposed restrictions can help.

How is my network doing?

Every month take a look at your professional contacts. How many new people did you meet? How much time did you contribute to nurturing your existing relationships?

Remember, having a big network always comes handy during job hunts.

What is my biggest hurdle?

Most professionals deal with one or the other issue at some point in their career. It can be either about daily work management or with team control or anything else that they are not finding a solution for. Identifying these issues and then rectifying them is what turns average professionals into extraordinary ones.

Did I step out of my comfort zone or not?

This is my favorite question because it really is a solid way to find out if you did something different in your work. Most professionals work in their comfort zone all their lives and do a fairly good job. Some get outside their comfort zones and move mountains.

So, what are you waiting for? Bookmark this article and visit it at the end of every month to measure your career development.

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