10 Ingenious Practical Applications Of Data Analytics

September 21, 2018
How Beneficial is Data Science Prodegree for Your Career?

Data Science is changing industries and from healthcare to disaster management, all sectors are waking up to the significance of data analytics. But what is data analytics, exactly? And how does it help the tech giants? Data Analytics basically refers to collection and examination of data, which the data scientists then process to extract information out of them. Right now, the success of companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google depend on predictive analytics and are investing more and more money to recruit data engineers and scientists.

When we broach the question, ‘what is data analytics?’ we must also talk about its practical approach, and how it helps us and makes our lives easier. Tech professionals who acquire a data science certification are headed for a very lucrative career path but how does data science help us, who are not pros at analytics.

So, what are some of the practical applications of data analytics?

Your recommendations

All those helpful suggestions which Amazon offers whenever you are looking for alternate options during online shopping are mainly thanks to data science. Data analytics gives the site access to your preferences, your needs, location, purchase history and offers you items which you are likely to go for. This happens when an assorted range of data in analyzed and processed to arrive at a shortlisted conclusion. This doesn’t just improve the user’s experience bit also helps them make an informed decision, and this area especially makes use of predictive analytics.

How does picture recognition work?

You might have noticed when you upload an image on Facebook, you get suggestion to tag your friends on it. This automatic feature mainly uses an algorithm based on recognition of physical features. The same algorithm also applies to other types of recognition of inanimate features, perhaps. For instance, when you log into WhatsApp on your web, the barcode you need to scan also uses the same algorithm. Google also uses this algorithm to look for an image from other sources if you command it to do so.

Data science has transformed gaming

From single-player games to interactive ones, data science has brought about incredible breakthroughs in the world of gaming. The algorithms used by the gaming companies mainly study user behaviour, and history, and enhances the player experience, depending on the purpose of the game. In single-player games especially, the computer which is often your virtual opponent, examines your moves and technique to interact with you accordingly.

How is it fixing education?

How can you work in the education field after you acquire a data analytics certification? Data science helps schools and educational organizations equip themselves with the strenghts of data science by studying student preferences and assessing their needs. Data science is of course, also very handy when it comes to evaluating their students’ talents and scores.

Tracking locations

The very helpful delivery tracking systems which you check when you place an order online is mainly the work of data science. The tracking of the item from dispatch to its entire transit to its delivery time and status depends on the assimilation of data about real-time information about schedules, weather, traffic etc. Alternatively it also helps the retail companies improve your user experience as it is able to tell you exactly when your product will reach you.

Advertising makes use of analytics

The world of advertising also makes use of data analytics, again, by studying user behaviour and after studying whatever data they have pertaining to them. Your location for instance, your search history, your previous orders or downloads. It uses algorithms to determine what ads you might like to see. Which would explain the ads you stumble upon on Facebook, which show you exactly what you were searching earlier and also other options from the same site.

Your media needs are controlled by it

Whenever you are browsing through Netflix, you will see it is recommending you movies or shows based on your previous searches. This is one of the most practical uses of data analysis you’ll see now. The streaming portal studies what you are watching and clicking on, to recommend you content which would match your interests. For instance, Netflix tells you that it is recommending you shows X,Y and Z, because you watched a specific show in the same genre or language.

How does sports benefit from it?

Sports has a history of data analysis, as teams have often used analysts to prepare for major league tournaments. With help from data analytics, data is assimilated by the sports teams so as to prepare their players better and to equip the team against a certain team by studying the opponent’s behaviour.

It has improved healthcare

Data analytics has of course, revolutionized the world of healthcare, not just for the medical industry but also for the patients. Just like hospital and doctors have access to their patients’ data and preferences and history of their patients, people seeking medical services too have access to a sea of information when it comes to making decisions about their healthcare or about their medical policies.

It helps banking

Banks collect and study the data about their customers, from their credit score to their economic preferences. They also make use of data science tools to find ways to benefit their clients, so that they can make use of smarter policies and faster loans. It also uses the data to improve their personalized marketing services.

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