Motilal Prodegree Online Program

Why Wealth & Investment Management Prodegree?

The Wealth and Investment Management certification program, in association with Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd. as the Knowledge Partner, is a comprehensive 200-hour skill-building program for careers in wealth management, investment planning and financial advisory.

Motilal endorsed

Motilal Oswal-Endorsed

Cutting-edge program designed and delivered in collaboration with Motilal Oswal AMC

SAS Course & Training Online: Imarticus

Global Curriculum

Learn the very latest in global Wealth Management trends and best practices to stay ahead of the curve

SAS certification

Experiential Learning

Delivery using combination of self-paced videos, live lectures, case studies, project work and simulations

Certification in SAS Programming: Imarticus

International Certifications

Prepare yourself for prestigious exams such as CISI ICWIM and NISM Investment Adviser


Placement Opportunities

Get placed at leading Advisory firms with interview prep, mock interviews and recruitment opportunities

About Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company Ltd.

Motlilal Oswal AMC is the industry leader in Asset Management and Advisory Services with an Equity AUM of over Rs. 14309 crores across Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management Services. MOAMC is the Investment Manager to the Schemes of Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund and Motilal Oswal Alternative Investment Trust. It also acts as a Portfolio Manager to the Strategies under Portfolio Management Services.

Endorsed by Motilal Oswal

The program is co-created with Motilal Oswal AMC as the ‘Knowledge Partner’, and comes with a cutting-edge, industry-aligned curriculum, guest lectures, mentorship and recruitment opportunities.

The Prodegree is a 200-hour online program that delivers a deep understanding of financial markets, financial mathematics, wealth planning & management, portfolio management, regulatory frameworks and relationship management. The program also goes beyond what any Indian Wealth Management program covers – giving you a global perspective on wealth management by covering alternative investments, structured products and the use of FinTech in Wealth Management.

Comprehensive Coverage
Project-based Learning

A key differentiator of our Prodegree is the heavy focus on projects and case studies to gain practical understanding of key wealth and investment planning concepts. At the end of each semester, there will be a submission and presentation of your project in front of industry experts & Motilal Oswal AMC leadership.

The prodegree offers over 50 hours of engaging HD videos that you can consume at your own pace, as well as 150 hours of live Instructor-led Virtual Classes (Webinars) which are conducted on weekends.

Program Delivery
Placement Assistance

The Imarticus Careers Assistance Services (CAS) team provides a rigorous career and industry mentorship process that is customized to your needs. Built into the program, we also help you with interview preparation, resume building workshops, 1-1 mock interviews while also providing you access to our extensive corporate network and recruitment teams.

The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree, in association with Motilal Oswal AMC, is delivered using an innovative, experiential learning methodology that blends instructor-led live virtual classes with self-paced videos that you can consume at your own pace.


Self Paced Videos

Weekdays or weekends as per your convenience
Active, self-paced, data-driven learning through engaging HD videos
View Video


Live Virtual Classes

8 hours each on weekends at prescribed time
Interaction and query resolution with instructor and batch-mates in real time
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Project Work

Project submission at the end of each semester. Work on your own or in groups to complete assigned projects



Quizzes & Assignments at the end of each module for practice and self evaluation


Guest Lectures

Periodic guest lectures by Motilal Oswal AMC leadership to share industry trends

View Sample Study Plan

The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree is co-created with Motilal Oswal AMC as the Knowledge Partner and comes with a cutting edge, industry-aligned curriculum, split across four semesters.

Semester 1: Building Blocks of Wealth Management [68 Hours]
Fundamentals of Global Financial Markets [8 Hours]
Accounting and Financial Mathematics for Wealth Managers [12 Hours]
Financial Statement Analysis [8 Hours]
Macroeconomics [8 Hours]
Types of Investment Assets [12 Hours]
Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis [8 Hours]
Corporate Finance [8 Hours]
Project Submission [4 Hours]
Semester 2: Wealth Management [32 Hours]
Corporate Ethics [4 Hours]
Investment Advisers Law [2 Hour]
Analysis of Equities [10 Hours]
Analysis of Fixed Income [12 Hours]
Project Submission [4 hours]
Semester 3: Specialization of Wealth Management [52 Hours]
Basics of Derivatives [8 Hours]
Portfolio Construction, Review, Monitoring [8 hours]
Portfolio Management [12 Hour]
Wealth Planning [4 Hours]
Investment Planning Framework [12 Hours]
Financial Protection Planning [4 Hours]
Project Submission [4 Hours]
Semester – 4: Global Wealth Outlook [48 Hours]
Wealth Management Trends [4 Hours]
FinTech in Wealth Management [4 Hours]
Alternative Investments [4 Hours]
Structured Products – Basics [8 Hours]
Structured Products – Advanced [8 Hours]
Relationship Management [8 Hours]
Project Submission [4 Hours]
Interview Preparation – Domain [4 Hours]
Mock Interviews – HR and Domain [4 Hours]


Employment Landscape:

  • Wealth Management
  • Research
  • Portfolio Management
  • Corporate Broking
  • Fund Management
  • Private Banking
  • Equity Analysis
  • Financial Advisory
  • Client Servicing



To enroll for the Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree, please click below:

The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree, in association with Motilal Oswal AMC as the Knowledge Partner, is ideal for:


Finance professionals

With 2+ years of work experience in Banking, Financial Advisory or Relationship Management looking for an opportunity to upskill


Job Seekers and Career Changers

Recent Graduates in Management (Finance, Marketing, Intl. Business) who want to excel at interviews


Individuals Looking for Global Certifications

To enhance their resumes & build a portfolio of demonstrable work

Enter the exciting world of Wealth Management. Call 1800-267-7679

Learn about the differences between Retail Banking and Investment Banking.

Understand the relationship between Bond prices and Yields.

Read about Financial market in India in our Financial Services Newsletter, July 2016 edition.

Top 3 Books in Wealth Management

Why the Prodegree?



Postgraduate Equivalent

The Prodegree is a more relevant, focused and faster route to developing role specific skills that elevate your resume and help you build a lucrative career in Analytics in light of its industry partnerships.


Industry focused education

The Imarticus Prodegrees are designed in partnership with a leading corporate brand. Curriculum design, lectures, mentorship, project reviews and recruitment are done in collaboration with the company providing the candidate with unique insight and competitive edge.


3x Online Engagement

Our state of the art learning platform comprises live webinars, guest lectures, and comprehensive industry mentorship which ensures seamless learning leading to an industry completion rate of 75% compared to an industry average of 20%.

The Analytics Virtual Lab

Real world experience means that one gets to work on real machinery in a real production environment. Quite often the experience of working in a real environment is far different from that of a simulated one. Obviously, the real environment is valued more by the Big Data world as opposed to the simulated one. To make that possible, we have come up with cloud based learning in a virtual lab setup which comes pre-installed with the necessary technology stack, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kafka, Python, R and other related technologies.
Practicing will not require long, arduous installations anymore. Just enroll for the program and start learning any of the many analytical or big data tools available to you anytime, anywhere on the cloud.
  • Connect from anywhere, anytime

  • Agnostic of machine configuration

  • Real world production experience

  • No installation or compatibility issues

  • Centralized datasets


Careers Assistance

Imarticus provides 100% assistance throughout the program to guide and help navigate ample career options.



Refining and polishing the candidate’s resume with insider tips to help them land their dream job



Preparing candidates to ace HR and Technical interview rounds with model interview Q&A



We assist you with leads and references of opportunities available in the finance space from various public and private networks.


Industry experts from leading companies advise and mentor students in their journey towards job-readiness. A dedicated mentor will be assigned to every student. Senior level industry professional, with 10+ years of experience in Wealth Management, Investment Management & Financial Advisory firms .


Q&As and Guest Lectures

A more thorough understanding of the subject matter


Evaluation of Project Work

1:1 attention and evaluation of project work with detailed feedback


Career Guidance

Doubt clearing about the industry and career opportunities


  • arun

    Ajith Valiya

    Ajith has 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing and product management of financial products. He has previously worked as Investment Advisor – Equities & Private Banking at HDFC Bank; Sales Manager: Structured Products, Fixed Income Products, Real Estate Portfolios and Mutual Funds at ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company; and Relationship Manager for Salary Accounts at ICICI Bank. He currently works as Senior Manager – Sales for ING Investments Pvt. Ltd.



    Jyoti has over 14 years of banking experience in various positions of increasing responsibility. She has worked for E-Serve International Ltd. as the Regional Manager and later moved on to HDFC Bank for 8 years as Deputy Vice President where she was responsible for ensuring that the prescribed service excellence standards and business goals of the Unit are consistently achieved for over 300 staff members. She has also won various HR awards for the best revenue generator for the insurance business. Her areas of specialization are Customer Service, Retail Banking, Target Orientation, and Sales Management. Jyoti is an M.Com in Banking from KSOU, Mysore.


    Nishant Garg

    Nishant has over 8 years of experience in key areas of business, micro- and macro-economics, portfolio management, derivatives, M&A Valuation, Investment banking, Project Finance, Risk management, International Finance, Financial management, and Security Analysis. He has conducted trainings in Wealth Management, Excel based hedging structures, interest rate risks, Financial and Economic evaluation of projects, and Financial Modeling for clients like WNS, ASK Wealth Advisors Private Ltd., as well as trainings for Indian Institute of financial management (IIFM) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). Nishant has an MBA in Finance, MA in Economics, and is a CFA and a BBE holder.


  • rahul-mane
    Rahul M.
    “My experience with Imarticus was really nice. The trainers put in tremendous effort to ensure that we became job-ready. As a fresher, I was initially apprehensive, but the guidance I received at Imarticus made my journey extremely enjoyable and fruitful. I highly recommend their training programs.”


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What is the format of the program?
The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree, with Motilal Oswal AMC as the Knowledge Partner, is a 200-hour online program teaching foundational concepts and hands-on learning of wealth management, and investment planning through:

  • Engaging HD Videos
  • Live Instructor-led Virtual Classes
  • Industry case studies and project work

Is an online training program right for me?
Virtual learning is recommended for candidates if:

  • You are comfortable with self-study
  • You want to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
  • You do not require constant monitoring or follow-ups by instructors

What are the key topics that get covered in the degree?
The program is divided into four semesters:

  • Semester 1: Building Blocks of Wealth Management – Global Financial Markets, Accounting and Financial Mathematics, Financial Statement Analysis, Macroeconomics, Types of Investment Assets, Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis, Corporate Finance
  • Semester 2: Wealth Management Primer – Investment Advisers Law, Analysis of Equities, Analysis of Fixed Income
  • Semester 3: Specialization of Wealth Management – Basics of Derivatives, Portfolio Construction, Portfolio Management, Wealth Planning, Investment Planning Framework, Financial Protection Planning
  • Semester 4: Wealth Outlook – Wealth Management Trends, FinTech, Alternative Investments, Structured Products, Relationship Management

What study material will be provided to us for the program?
The core learning will take place via 150 hours of Instructor-led Virtual Classes at designated times on weekends. You will receive additional study material like self-paced HD videos, recordings of previous Virtual Classes, PowerPoint presentations, data sets, case studies, quizzes and eBooks on the learning portal.
You will be given life-long access to a fully integrated online learning portal where all your learning materials will be uploaded. You will need to log into the learning portal using the credentials provided and navigate through the portal as required.
Can you give us some more details on the project work?
A key differentiator of our Prodegree is the heavy focus on project work (Case Studies) to gain a practical understanding of key concepts. In addition to the designated 200-hour curriculum, you will spend an additional 20-30 hours at home working on these projects. You will work in groups to complete the projects during the week. There will be a mandatory submission of project work at the end of each semester, and your project will be evaluated by your Instructors as well as representatives from Motilal Oswal AMC Ltd.
What are Webinars?
Webinars are live virtual classroom sessions that involve you, other students and your Instructor. During these real-time webinars, the Instructor will show you how to work with various systems and write code, review concepts, share insights with the aid of case studies and help with your project work. There will be real-time participation on the part of students who can also use this time to get their doubts clarified.
How often do I need to visit the Imarticus center?
The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree is conducted virtually via the Internet. You will not be required to be physically present at the Imarticus center under normal circumstances.
What certification will I receive on completion?
You will receive the industry endorsed Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree certification, which will be co-branded with Motilal Oswal.
What if I miss a class?
The course features 150 hours of live Instructor-led classes and another 50 hours of videos. You can view the videos, solve quizzes and do your projects at any time that is convenient to you. The live virtual classes are held for 4 hours on Saturdays and Sundays at a prescribed time, where the entire batch can log in and interact with the Instructor at the same time. If you are not available for the virtual classes on weekends, the same are also recorded and uploaded on the LMS. You may refer to these recordings to ensure you don’t miss out on your learning.
What are the fees for the program?
The Wealth and Investment Management Prodegree costs Rs. 55,000.
You can pay by Credit card, Debit Card or Net banking from all leading banks. In the event you are unable to pay, please contact 18002677679 for further assistance.

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