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Investment Management- Career and Scope
Investment Management- Career and Scope

In the present progressively aggressive world, where different variables – political, financial, focused, social or administrative – always entangle an association’s domain, the interest for appropriately talented supervisors, who comprehend the business and have the vitality and boldness to handle troublesome circumstances, is continually on the ascent.

In a nation like India, where the Investment division is overwhelming the market, being inventive, scientific, a great sales representative and an extraordinary communicator may not be quite recently enough. Another factor that adds to a fruitful administrator’s basic attributes is legitimate learning of cash and the market. This is on the grounds that when one has avant-garde learning of fund, this upgrades his expository systems, institutional practices, monetary hypothesis and down to earth applications, and enables him to settle on viable choices on financial strategies and procedure.

While different organizations over the globe have entered the race to make Investment managers, not very many individuals comprehend which competitor is well-suited for which specialization. For a man who appreciates following the money related markets, comprehends the patterns of the market and always refreshes himself with the offers and stocks costs through different media, a PG in Investment Management is quite recently the correct choice.

Investment Management is tied in with overseeing cash by putting it in an assortment of advantage classes including values (or offers) and bonds. Working around there, which is otherwise called resource administration or store administration, will mean utilizing your mind each day to attempt to outsmart a huge number of different members in the money related markets.

Try not to go into Investment Management on the off chance that you prize sureness and trust that a PC can give unmistakable responses to three decimal spots. You’ll be more suited to venture administration in case you’re interested about the world, ready to challenge an accord and not reluctant to face off regarding issues with senior partners.

The primary day by day assignment is to break down individual organizations and attempt to evaluate their prospects with a specific end goal to attempt to discover which organizations are probably going to beat the market. You could be taking a gander at a wide range of sorts of industry and breaking down anything from iPhones to oil apparatuses or natural nourishment patterns. The principle business destinations of venture administration are to give a decent speculation to customers – and great client benefit as well.

Investment Management employments

The principle parts inside Investment Management are investigator and investment manager. As you may expect, the part of an investigator is to break down stocks, taking a view on their future viewpoint and flowing examination inside. This could involve meeting with organization administration and taking a gander at financial information and market patterns.

An Investment Manager (some of the time otherwise called a portfolio or store chief) will then be in charge of putting customers’ cash in an arrangement of stocks. Speculation chiefs will depend intensely on the inside and out research done by examiners when choosing how to contribute. In the meantime, they should assume general liability for how the store is built, taking a gander at the master plan and considering issues, for example, resource designation. Numerous venture directors’ bear on doing hands-on research to abstain from ending up plainly excessively removed from organization examination.

We at Imarticus Learning specialised in training aspirants looking to make a career in the field of Investment Management.

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Career After Investment Banking Certification
Career After Investment Banking Certification

Investment Banking prospects in India are very promising. Planning a shift in careers or a fresher, this is one stream worth considering. Specially, if you are an individual who finds the idea of making money from money exciting.

In simple words, investment banking is a profession where you match the expectations of people who have the capital with those who need it. Although it is not as simple as it sounds. As you will be advising people or institutions on money matters across various phases of a life cycle of a project, ranging from the start up stage to the listing of stock markets, you need to maintain the optimum valuation. It requires great understanding of the market so that you can offer the most optimum advice to your client, on options like mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures etc…,

Certain skill sets required to excel in this choice of work are, high research and an analytical mind-set, par excellence communication skills, an innovators mind set, troubleshooting capability, genuine ease of working and analysing numbers, forecast sales and budget, technical knowledge. A person from any steam can think of starting their career in investment banking, but it important to have a good understanding in math, economics, business studies. Although you can pursue an MBA, to have a specialised course will serve as a spring board to your efforts and help you secure a job in a reputed company, or help you get that promotion you are waiting for since long.

There are very limited options you have in terms of getting a holistic training on investment banking, however one that has proven to be closest to giving you the best exposure and highly recognised in the industry is, the Certified Investment Banking Operations Professionals (CIBOP), it is a flexible program for both fresher’s and experienced professionals. And CIBOP can be considered as a pre prep for the CISI IOC certification program, it is highly regarded by investment houses globally and passing this certification echoes the thought that an individual does have a sound understanding of the financial services industry.

The CIBOP program offered by Imarticus, is a 180 hours’ program dedicated in understanding complex securities and derivatives, their trade life cycle, along with operational risk and regulation. CIBOP offers operations and domain training augmented with a personal development program. CIBOP has an industry relevant program, supplemented with industry stalwarts as faculty, and real case studies.

On completing the CIBOP course from Imarticus learning you will get an industry endorsed CIBOP certificate along with the optional CISI certified IOC certificate, besides this, Imarticus has career services and their placement team will guide and assist you throughout the program, providing the best career opportunities.

CIBOP is a hybrid program with online self-paced videos and live classes, along with classroom training. The CIBOP program also has a host of guest lectures, by experienced industry veterans, which presents abundant opportunities for students to raise questions and clarify doubts and get clear actual industry insights.

On completing CIBOP course you will have a sound understanding of every aspect of Investment banking along with practical aspects of the sector. So if you have an inclination towards this field and have some of the prerequisites in place, don’t wait and enrol with Imarticus Learning and take the CIBOP certification.

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Imarticus Learning Introduces the Analytics Week – 20th – 27th July
Imarticus Learning Introduces the Analytics Week – 20th – 27th July

Imarticus learning is turning out to be a catalyst for professionals who wish to kick start their career in the field of analytics, by introducing the Analytics week.

Analytics can be understood as a systematic computational analysis of data or statistics, a.k.a. big data analytics. Isn’t it the in thing? With the given scenario of the IT industry, many professionals are willing and can be easily termed as desperate to pick up skill sets in the line of analytics. However, is it made for you, or rather a better question to ask is are you up for it, should you pursue analytics only because many around you are taking that path? And even if the answer is a desperate yes, Analytics is vast, which path would you like to choose, is your choice aligned to the growing needs? will it offer you the ROI that you are anticipating?

It is essential to chart the area in analytics which you would like to pursue. One has to take stalk of the past academic experience and take into account the professional experience gathered over the years, and then have some serious consideration over a list of headers to determine your prospects. This is a very complicated decision, specially so if a working professional just needs to move career paths because they want to align the interests and personalities to the professional choice of work.

To upgrade your career, or to change directions, one needs to seek appropriate and unbiased career counselling, understanding the pros and cons, along with accessing your individual skill sets, your strengths and areas of opportunities, in the most scientific approach as possible, from the industry stalwarts, relevant to the career option of your choice. There isn’t a standard advise that fits all in such situations as each individual is unique, with unique characteristics and desires.

Keeping this in mind, Imarticus Learning has planned an exclusive Analytics week, dedicated in understanding your professional desires, and match them or advise you to move ahead in the field of analytics, offering a plethora of choices and courses, aligning them to address your aim in achieving your career goal by offering you the right path in the field of analytics.

The Analytics week in Imarticus Learning, begins from the 20th of July to the 27st of July, where exclusive one on one counselling will be offered to candidates. This free counselling is aimed at getting all your queries answered, by experts in the field of analytics. These experts will view your CV and help you narrow down the most lucrative choices, if you wish to pursue in the field of analytics, it is categorically aimed at you understanding your options, basically supporting you make a clear and informed career switch or upgradation of skills with clear goals and milestones. This week is highly recommended for IT professionals.

There is also a webinar scheduled on ‘Social Media Analytics’ on the 20th of July from 3.30-4.30pm, and ‘Analytics in Technology’ on the 22nd of July, 6 – 7 pm, by industry stalwarts associated with Facebook and Microsoft respectively, who will speak about their experience and further help you choose a path.

So register soon, on the Analytics week and the webinars to get started on the path of empowerment!

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Imarticus Learning collaborates with renowned names

With major developments taking place in the edtech space, Imarticus Learning, has collaborated with prominent industry leaders for its new Prodegree courses…Read More


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Webinar – Analytics in Social Media & Analytics in Technology
Webinar – Analytics in Social Media & Analytics in Technology

As a facilitator to your career choice in the field of analytics, Imarticus learning has planned an Analytics Week, where free one on one counselling will be available by industry stalwarts, to help you take an informed decision on the right path to pursue from the plethora of choice available in analytics.

Keeping in line with this objective, Imarticus Learning has organised a Free Webinar on

‘Analytics in Social Media’.

The speaker for this webinar is, Mr Ketan Gulati, Business Analyst and Market Intelligence at Facebook. His previous work experiences include working in organisations like Accenture and info-solutions. He is known for his strong technical skills and business intelligence along with a keen eye for detail and great understanding of customer needs.

Mr Gulati, will throw light on the nuances of social media analytics, what is social media analytics and its power, why is it important to capture and understand sentimental analysis, and the hidden insights it offers. This webinar will further help explain, how social media analytics is used within organisations, and the diverse reasons for leveraging social insights by different departments and people.

Case studies and day to data application of unstructured analysis by companies to gain insights from the tremendous amounts of information will be explained in detail., to help get an overview of the analytics world.

To further understand the role of Analytics, Imarticus Learning, under the Analytics Week has organised a webinar on ‘Analytics in Technology’

The speaker for this webinar is Mr Narasimha Murty M V, a Data Scientist at Microsoft. His previous work experiences include organisations like TCS, Wadhawan Holding and Persistent systems.

He is an expert in the field of data mining, machine learning, statistical modelling, predictive analysis, algorithm design and implementation, excellent programming skills. His rich experience spans over 11 years, with domain experience in capital markets and retail.

His webinar will help you understand the role of analytics in current times, the different lines or verticals in analytics, data mining and interpretation, analytics and emerging technologies, how it assists organisations, and the growing need in the field of analytics in technology.

These webinars are aimed at understanding the landscape of Analytics and to get an industry overview, it will further discuss certain case studies on analytics on a day to day basis, and lastly will help you asses your requirements in terms of skill sets or skills upgradation, to help you with an effortless transition in analytics to improve your current profile.

So to enhance your knowledge in the field of analytics Register Now!!!

Webinar I – Analytics in Social Media – 20th July – 3.30-4.30pm, Speaker –  Mr Ketan Gulati

Webinar II – Analytics in Technology – 22nd July – 6 – 7 pm, Speaker – Mr Narasimha Murty M V

Also Register in the Analytics Week organised by Imarticus Learning, and walk in for a free one on one counselling by industry experts, to clear your concerns and understand your opportunities amongst the plethora of choices in the field of Analytics.

Imarticus Learning offers – Analytics Week – from 20th of July – 27th of July 2017

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Corporate Financial Analyst – Job Demands For Financial Analysis in 2017
Corporate Financial Analyst – Job Demands For Financial Analysis in 2017

Today, it’s elusive a position that is more popular than a financial analyst. Actually, the U.S. Agency of Labour Statistics expects a 12% rate of development in the quantity of money related expert employments in the 10-year time span in the vicinity of 2014 and 2024. That is speedier than the normal development for all other vocations in the field of Finance.

Most firms require a specialist to manage budgetary business choices. This master ought to have the capacity to estimate where the organization’s cash is originating from now — and later on — then enable administrators to choose how to put it in ways that produce the best return. A Financial Analyst needs first class basic leadership aptitudes. What’s more, he or she should have the capacity to add to office particular and general business techniques and give information based arrangements grounded in the strong examination. They’ll likewise be relied upon to make an interpretation of reports and gauges into a straightforward exhortation that will streamline forms, enhance productivity, spare time and cash, and set up the organization for development. Experts with these ascribes aren’t anything but difficult to discover nowadays.

About all organizations require a decent monetary investigator to adjust their books and watch the main issue. Be that as it may, the measure of a business, its multifaceted nature, the industry it works in, and its phase of improvement will decide the particular obligations of the monetary expert. For instance, a developing innovation organization may require a money related master to assess potential acquisitions, while an entrenched protection supplier may require somebody to recognize potential new income streams.

Organizations rely on the financial analyst to enable them to settle on basic business choices in view of financial information. They assume a basic part in business by inspecting information and giving noteworthy data on gainfulness, dissolvability, steadiness, and liquidity. In view of information given by the examiner, the organization likewise composes budgetary reports and tracks money related development both in the association and in the commercial centre all in all.

Corporate financial analysts work each day with the organization’s objectives and current money related circumstance as a main priority. They apply that concentration to their work breaking down spending plans pay proclamation figures, and other money related information. They gather and outline information to fabricate complex reports that obviously delineate the organization’s money related status and any dangers that may exist. They additionally build up money related benchmarks against which they measure organization execution, and create budgetary models to enable leaders to decide how specific changes in conduct or economic situations could affect the business later on.


While a characteristic energy for numbers is basic, don’t disparage the significance of sensible considering and the capacity to investigate an assortment of data. In the event that you’ve had the chance to use explanatory abilities, you should exhibit it and give points of interest of your learnings and difficulties.

It is vital for financial analysts to have the capacity to examine the connection between an organization’s money related conduct and industry requests. In such manner, money related experts must have the capacity to survey and cross examine budgetary data. You ought to be economically canny and have the capacity to speak with individuals at all levels.

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Kickstart your career and explore a plethora of opportunities in the field of Analytics

Imarticus Learning brings to you the Analytics Week from July 20th to 27th with Free 1 on 1 Career Counseling and Webinars with Industry Stalwarts helping you to choose the right Career in Analytics.

Webinar 1: Live Webinar on Analytics in Social Media

The agenda for the webinar will be to understand the Industry Landscape with social media giant Facebook and choosing your career transition.
The webinar will give you an overview of the Industry and particular case studies of Analytics on Day-to-Day Basis.

Webinar 2: Live Webinar on Analytics in Technology

The agenda will be about the understanding of the Industry Landscape with technology giant Microsoft and you will Get the required information to make your transition in Analytics and Technology to improve your current profile.

To know more Visit Here

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Kickstart your career and explore a plethora of opportunities in the field of Analytics

Imarticus Learning brings to you the Analytics Week from July 20th to 27th with Free 1 on 1 Career Counseling and Webinars with Industry Stalwarts helping you to choose the right Career in Analytics…Read More

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Planning your career? Get Free Consultation from our Counselors and Spearhead in the field of Analytics

Imarticus has organized free 1 to 1 Career Counseling, where you can get Expert Counseling on improving your current Profile..Read more

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Planning your career? Get Free Consultation from our Counselors and Spearhead in the field of Analytics

Imarticus Learning is a professional education institute focused on bridging the gap between industry & academia by offering certified industry-endorsed courses in Business Analysis.
Imarticus has organized free 1 to 1 Career Counseling, where you can get Expert Counseling on improving your current Profile.

You can visit any of our 7 centres located at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.
• Free Career Counseling and get all your queries answered.
• Industry Endorsed Classroom and Online Programs
• Bring along your CV and get a clear vision and career path with the help of the counselor.
• Located Conveniently at Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Coimbatore.
• Placement Assurance and Assistance through our Online and Classroom Programs.

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