HDFC Prodegree - Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree

The Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree, powered by HDFC Bank

The Global Trade and Foreign Exchange Prodegree, in collaboration with HDFC Bank gives aspirants an opportunity to start a career in Global Trade and FX with India’s No. 1 Private Bank. Imarticus Learning works with HDFC Bank for the selection and training for this role. Candidates go through a selection process, after which, they are issued a Conditional Offer Letter from HDFC Bank.



Imarticus Learning and HDFC Bank will jointly select candidates

SAS Course & Training Online: Imarticus

Conditional Offer Letter

HDFC Bank to provide the Conditional Offer Letter prior to the course payment

SAS certification

Guest Lectures

Fortnightly guest lectures by senior representatives at HDFC Bank

Certification in SAS Programming: Imarticus

100% Refund

Get 100% refund of your course fee after 18 months of service at HDFC Bank


Online & Flexible

Flexible learning paths to learn any time, any place, and on any device

About HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994 and now has over 85,000 employees and is India’s second largest private bank in terms of assets. It is the most valued brand in India and has a number of services, that include wholesale banking, retail banking, treasury and loans.

Collaborated with HDFC Bank

The program is co-created with HDFC Bank and comes with a cutting edge industry-aligned curriculum, guest lectures, mentorship and recruitment opportunities. Upon graduation, HDFC Bank provides students a job in the Retail Trade and Foreign Exchange team.

This prodegree is a 200-hour online program that delivers a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, FX sales, Retail Trade Finance, Mechanics of the Trade Lifecycle, Regulation and Compliance and Soft Skills.

Comprehensive Coverage
Select-Hire-Train Model

This is an innovative approach where for the first time, you get a conditional offer letter from HDFC Bank prior to making your course payment. You are first selected, then trained, and finally hired.

The prodegree offers over 60 hours of engaging HD videos that you can consume at your own pace, as well as 140 hours of live Instructor-led Virtual Classes (Webinars) which are conducted on weekends. In addition, there are guest lectures by the HDFC Bank management and frequent bank visits.

Program Delivery
100% Money Refund

HDFC Bank will refund the entire course fee of Rs. 45,000 to all candidates who complete 18 months of service at the bank (1.5 years). Effectively, the entire program becomes completely free for you.

The HDFC Bank Prodegree is delivered using an innovative learning methodology that blends instructor-led live virtual classes with self-paced videos that you can consume at your own pace.


Self Paced Videos

Weekdays as per your convenience

Active, self-paced,
data-driven learning
through engaging HD videos
60 Hours


Live Virtual Classes

8 hours on weekends at prescribed time

Interaction and query resolution
with instructor and
batch mates in real time
140 Hours


HDFC Bank Guest Lectures and Bank Visits

Fortnightly Guest Lectures and monthly branch visits

Learn from the experts during our fortnightly HDFC Bank Guest Lectures and monthly branch visits

The Foreign Exchange and International Trade prodegree is co-created with HDFC Bank
Batch Launch and the Banking Business
Webinars [7 hours]
Videos [3 hours]
[14 Hours]
Forex Sales and Operations – I
7 hours
Forex Sales and Operations – II
[15 Hours]
Retail Trade Finance
[18 Hours]
Trade Finance Products
[17 Hours]
Guidelines Governing Trade Finance
[18 Hours]
Lifecycle of Trade Finance Products
[19 Hours]
Mechanics of Trade Finance Products
[15 Hours]
SWIFT and Regulatory Reporting
[17 Hours]
Regulations – Anti-Money Laundering
[17 Hours]
Embargo and Client Onboarding
[17 Hours]
Soft Skills – I
[15 Hours]
Soft Skills – II

Careers at HDFC Bank


Niche Domain

Develop in-depth knowledge of Foreign Exchange, combined with comprehensive know-how of the International Trade landscape, ranging From retail trade finance, mechanics of Trade finance and its lifecycle to regulations and compliance


Prestigious Brand

Work for India’s No. 1 Private Bank and winner of multiple awards for Best Bank in India across categories. The bank offers its employees a great work environment, competitive compensation, along with excellent employee benefits.


High Impact Career

Become part of one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Trade Finance is of vital importance to the global economy as the World Trade Organization estimates that 80 to 90% of global trade depends on Trade Finance.


Execution Skills

Work with and learn from highly driven teams in a cutting-edge work environment encompassing complex processes, high-end technology, dynamic markets and products.

The HDFC Bank Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree is a training program ideal for students and professionals who are interested in working with HDFC Bank

This course is ideal for:



Atleast 50% grades in HSC (Std 12) and Graduation. Fresher MBAs are accepted


Experienced Professionals

2–4 years of work experience in Sales/Marketing


Starting Salary Rs. 4 Lacs

Fresher MBAs: 4 lacs Experienced Sales: 4 lacs +

Work at India’s #1 Private Bank. Call 1800-267-7679

Join HDFC Bank in 5 Simple Steps



After making a payment of Rs. 500, you will receive a link to the aptitude test. This will be conducted on a third-party application and selected candidates move to the next stage.


Selection Process

Imarticus Learning will interview candidates and selected candidates will have to make a refundable advance payment of Rs. 5,000 prior to the HDFC Bank interview


The HDFC Bank Interview

After making the advance payment, students will be interviewed by HDFC Bank. Incase the candidates do not pass the interview, their advance payment will be refunded.


Conditional Offer Letter

Selected candidates will receive the Conditional Offer Letter from HDFC Bank, after which the payment of 40,000 is due immediately.


Final Offer Letter

An interim test will be conducted at the end of the second month. Upon successfully scoring over 60%, the final offer letter will be released by HDFC Bank


Jasjeet Kaur, head of Sales and Strategy, talks about the The Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree program with HDFC Bank.


Pradeep Khanapure discusses how the Imarticus Learning Management System (LMS) empowers your learning.


  • Ganesh Vishwanathan
    Thirty three years of experience in Banking of which, 24 years in State Bank of India with focus in Corporate and SME credit management, branch banking, syndications, regulatory affairs, trade finance and training including guest faculty at Ahmedabad Management Association, SISI Gujarat, and Staff Training Centres of SBI. Ganesh also spent 5 years at ICICI Bank Ltd, with initial three years as the Head of Compliance, Quality Training and Regulatory Affairs – Corporate Operations Group, and the remaining two years as Location Head, Key Clients Operations Group – Global Trade Services Unit based out of Mumbai, India with focus on Corporate clients having an exceptional level of service delivery.

Speak to a Career Advisor

LS General Form – Online


What is the format of the program?
The Foreign Exchange and International Trade Prodegree, is a 200-hour online training program, conducted by Imarticus Learning and HDFC Bank for hiring candidates for the role of Trade and FX professionals. We deliver this training via:

  • Engaging HD Videos
  • Live Instructor-led Virtual Classes
  • Industry case studies and project work

Is an online training program right for me?
Online learning is recommended for candidates if:

  • You are comfortable with self-study
  • You have a steady internet connection
  • You want to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime

What are the key topics that get covered in the degree?

  • Financial Landscape and Banking Business
  • Forex Sales and Operations
  • Retail Trade Finance and Products
  • Mechanics of Trade Finance Products and Life Cycle
  • Regulations, Compliance and Soft Skills

What study material will be provided to us for the program?
The core learning will happen via 120 hours of Instructor-led Virtual Classes at designated times on weekends. You will receive additional study material like 60 hours of self-paced HD videos, recordings of previous Virtual Classes, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, quizzes and eBooks on the learning portal.

You will be given access to a fully integrated online learning portal where all your learning materials will be uploaded. You will need to log in to the learning portal using the credentials provided and navigate through the portal as required.

Can you give us some more details on the Process?
A key differentiator of this HDFC Bank Prodegree is focus on employment at HDFC Bank. This is a training program for HDFC Bank. Here are the steps involved:

  • Counselling and Enrollment (By paying Rs. 500)
  • Eligibility check via an aptitude test and personal interviews
  • Payment of Rs. 5,000 before the interview with HDFC Bank
  • Selected students receive a Conditional Offer Letter from HDFC Bank
  • Rejected students get a refund of the Rs. 5,000 paid
  • Payment of Rs. 40,000 for the course to be made after receiving the Offer Letter
  • Final Offer Letter will be given upon completing the course with atleast 60% grades
  • HDFC Bank to refund the entire amount (Rs. 45,000) after the completion of 18 months of service

What are Webinars?
Webinars are live virtual classroom sessions that involve you, other students and your Instructor. During these real-time webinars, the Instructor will show you how to work with various systems and write code, review concepts, share insights with the aid of case studies and help with your project work. There will be real-time participation on the part of students who can also use this time to get their doubts clarified.
How often do I need to visit the Imarticus center?
The Global Trade and FX Prodegree is conducted virtually via the Internet. You will not be required to be physically present at our offices.
What certification will I receive on completion?
You will receive a Certificate of training and an Offer Letter from HDFC Bank upon completing the course
What if I miss a class?
The course features 120 hours of live Instructor-led classes and another 60 hours of videos. You can view the videos, solve quizzes and do your projects at any time that is convenient to you. The live virtual classes are held for 3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays at a prescribed time, where the entire batch can log in and interact with the Instructor at the same time. If you are not available for the virtual classes on weekends, the same are also recorded and uploaded on the LMS. You may refer to these recordings to ensure you don’t miss out on your learning.
What are the fees for the program?
The initial assessment cost for the HDFC Bank Global Trade and FX Prodegree is Rs. 500
Upon receiving the HDFC Interview call, a refundable advance payment of Rs. 5000 is applicable. After receiving the conditional offer letter, an amount of Rs. 40,000 is payable. The entire amount of Rs. 45,000 will be refunded by HDFC Bank after 18 months of service at the bank.

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Netbanking from all leading banks.
In the event you are unable to pay, please contact 18002677679 for further assistance.

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