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Certification in Global Markets

Comprehensive Offering on Global Markets, Endorsed by MCX

50 Hours of Live Instruction; 15 Hours of Self Paced Videos

Interactive Trading Simulation to Trade Like a Pro

Career Assistance and Mentorship

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Classroom Training

Online Instructor-Led Training

Online Self Paced Videos

About CGM

The Certification in Global Markets program is a comprehensive, short-term program that provides aspirants with a thorough understanding of Global Financial Markets, Financial Instruments, Trading Strategies and Risk Management, delivered via interactive simulated trading platforms, and live instructor-led webinars.

Instructor Led

15 hours of Videos, 50 hours of Live Webinars

CFA Course in India.

MCX Endorsed

In partnership with MCX, India’s first listed exchange

Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

Trading Simulator

Live online trading competition that simulates trading strategies

MCCP Certification

Prepare for MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP) exam

Online Finance Courses: Imarticus

Experienced Faculty

Current and ex Traders with 10+ years of experience as faculty

Certification in SAS Program: Imarticus
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Program Highlights
Comprehensive Coverage

This program provides comprehensive knowledge on all major asset classes traded on leading global exchanges. Participants will learn about fundamental and technical analysis, futures trading strategies, trading psychology and risk management.

The 65-Hour program is delivered in an entirely online training format with 15 hours of engaging self-paced videos that you watch as per your convenience before attending classes, and 50 hours of live instructor led virtual classes on weekends.

Online Delivery
Trading Simulation

Apart from theoretical learning, we also give you access to a state of the art, online trading simulation that mimics the global markets. This is the perfect, risk-free environment to learn and practice trading strategies on multiple asset-classes as traded by proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and other financial institutions.

Empower your resume with the industry endorsed CGM certification and the optional globally renowned MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP) certification. Both of these well-recognized accreditations help define your capabilities and give you an edge in the highly competitive world of Finance and Capital Markets.

International Certification & Career Assistance
24/7 Learning

Aside from classroom sessions, our state of the art online portal centralizes learning with 24/7 access to study material, learning aids and tests. Faculty and students spread across locations connect, collaborate and share information, with corrective paths for improved learning.

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  • Key Economic Indicators
    [4 Hours]
  • Role and functioning of Global Central Banks
  • Bond Auctions
  • Employment / Jobs Data
  • GDP & Inflation
  • Central Bank Rate Decisions and Its Impact on Different Asset Classes and Market Prices
  • Introduction to Exchanges and Asset Classes [4 Hours]
  • Commodities: Energy, Metals
  • FX and Equity Indices
  • Introduction to Exchange Rules & Regulations – MCX
  • Fixed Income
    [4 Hours]
  • Introduction to Fixed Income
  • Bonds and Different Types of Bonds
  • Relationship between Interest Rate, Yield and Bond Price
  • Money Market, FX and Derivatives
    [4 Hours]
  • Introduction to Money Market
  • Instruments of Money Market: Interbank Lending, T-Bills, Certificate of Deposit, Commercial Paper, Repos
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Money Market
  • Difference between Capital & Money Markets Money Markets
  • Foreign Exchange
    [4 Hours]
  • Introduction to FX
  • Market Participants
  • Types of Quotations
  • Difference between FX & Futures
  • Types of FX – Cash, Spot, Tomm, NDF, Forward
  • Derivatives
    [4 Hours]
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Difference between OTC & ET Derivatives
  • Factors influencing Value of Derivatives
  • Types of Derivatives: Forward, Swaps, Futures & Options
  • Pros and Cons of Trading in Derivatives
  • Understanding Contract Specifications
    [4 Hours]
  • Underlying Value / Notional Value
  • Contract Size Price Quotation
  • Tick Size / Tick Value First Notice Day (FND) / Last Trading Day (LTD)
  • Expiry Schedule Types of Settlement at Expiry– Physically Settlement / Cash Settlement Relevant Examples
  • Introduction to Trading Platform
    [4 Hours]
  • Price View, Price Ladder, Price-Ticker
  • Spread Matrix, Butterfly Matrix
  • Order Book – Working, Completed Risk Platform based Order Types – Limit, Market, Stop, Minimum Volume, OCO, Conditional
  • Commodities Trading
    [4 Hours]
  • Commodity Derivatives: Meaning and Rationale
  • International and Domestic Commodity Trading Exchanges
  • Economic Benefits of Commodity Futures
  • About Commodities Traded on MCX
  • Trading Strategies: Hedging, Arbitrage and Spreads
  • Fundamental Analysis: Precious Metals/Energy Products
  • Charts & Technical Analysis
    [4 Hours]
  • Basics of Charting
  • Types of Charts: Line Chart, Bar Chart, Candle Sticks, Point & Figure
  • How to do Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Dow Theory Trend Lines,
  • Support & Resistance, Continuation & Reversal
  • Resume Building and Interview Prep
    [4 Hours]
  • The Why, The What and the How of Resumes
  • Interview Skills
  • CV Discussion
  • How To Ace The 50 Most Common Interview Questions
  • Mock Interviews with Domain Experts
MCX Collaboration
MCX Collaboration
MCX Collaboration
The program is co-created with MCX, India’s first listed exchange, and comes with their seal of approval. You will benefit in terms of:


You learn sought after skills and tools through a rigorous case study-based curriculum and hands-on simulations


The program prepares you for MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP) exam, which is an optional add-on certification for Rs 1500/-.


At the end of the program, you will receive a co-branded Certificate of Completion from Imarticus Learning and endorsed by MCX.

About MCX:
The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), India’s first listed exchange, is a state-of-the-art, commodity derivatives exchange that facilitates online trading, and clearing and settlement of commodity derivatives transactions, thereby providing a platform for risk management.The Exchange has an extensive national reach, with 671 registered members with its presence in more than 1200 locations across India. MCX is India’s leading commodity derivatives exchange with a market share of 89.93% in terms of the value of commodity futures contracts traded in Q1, FY 2017-18.
Experience a day in the life of a trader through a real-life simulation to sharpen your trading skills and test your ideas risk free.
Our state of the art online trading simulation is designed to deepen your knowledge of how capital market products operate and behave in the real world to help you make informed and strategic hedging decisions and lower your transaction costs. Using a combination of theory and a state of the art system that simulates a day in the life of a trader, you simulate your automated trading strategies on historical data and analyze their past performance.
Simulations are a competitive, collaborative, and result oriented business scenarios where participants hone their strategic operational and leadership skills in a risk free environment.
Why Simulations?

Risk Free Learning

CFA Course in India.

Interactive Game Play

Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

In-Game Rewards

Multiplayer Environment

Online Finance Courses: Imarticus

Test New Concepts

Master Global Capital Markets, In Partnership with MCX, India’s First Listed Exchange

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Career Assistance

The Careers team at Imarticus provides you assistance throughout the program to guide and navigate ample career options in global capital markets:



Refining and polishing your resume with resume critiques and constructive feedback, along with insider tips to help land your dream job



Honing your interview skills using our extensive databank of questions and interview prep sessions which lay out best practices and dos and dont’s



Preparing you to ace HR and technical interview rounds through rigorous group mock interviews with our faculty


  • Pooja Pai
    “This is the best online course ever. The study material is simple along with video tutorials. The course fees is very reasonable and the staff are very dedicated. This is a sure shot to achieving your goals.”

Trainer Profiles

  • Mohan

    Chintan Thakkar

    Chintan has 9+ years of experience in trading all major asset classes on leading futures exchanges like CME, ICE, Eurex etc. and has trained more than 70 college graduates, many of whom are successful traders with leading proprietary trading firms today.
    He was Head of India for OSTC and Associate Director at Edelweiss in his most recent roles managing the trading desk on global markets. Chintan played a lead role in setting up of a Trading Lab at SP Jain Institute during his time at OSTC and has been a visiting faculty at several other engineering and management institutes.
  • satya

    Harish Thakkar

    Harish has around 19 years of diverse experience in Financial Markets Operations, Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting. He has been a part of Strategic Technology Projects as functional SME while working for Organizations like J P Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Nomura and Capgemini. Managing 350+ Full time employees in Investment Research and Investment Banking Operations across different products and markets, has given him an in-depth domain understanding of Global Capital Markets.

Speak to a Career Advisor

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The CCM (Certification in Capital Markets) is a comprehensive short-term program that covers the Capital Markets, its products, markets and participants.

This interactive demo of the Virtual Class gives you an insight on what to expect during our webinar sessions

Understand Options through this session on Options, trading strategies, its variants and various payoffs

Pradeep Khanapure discusses how the Imarticus Learning Management System (LMS) empowers your learning

Financial Systems: Get a sneak peek into the first module of CGM, and learn about the Financial Systems Landscape and its intricate workings.

Cash Equities: Equity, Stock, Shares – We hear these terms daily. Is there a difference? How do you invest in equities? Let’s find out in this presentation.

Derivatives: The global derivatives market is huge! But why do they still have a bad reputation? Is it deserved? Let’s learn the basics first.

Commodities: Who are the giants in the global commodities market and who are the key players? Here is a brief introduction into the fascinating world of commodities.

Experience a day in the life of a trader through a real-life simulation system!

Industry Overview

The Imarticus Finance Industry wheel© details the entire gamut of roles in Investment Banking & Capital Markets right down to specific functions. Use the wheel to identify your areas of interest by clicking on the wheel and expanding the specific areas.

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