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Staffing Solutions is critical to business excellence

Staffing Solutions is critical to business excellence

Staffing has always been a critical support function that is involved in all important management processes like planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Effective staffing solutions are required to ensure the smooth and efficient working of an organization. The success of Learn more

RBI to not tinker with the repo rates at this stage

The third bi-monthly monetary policy review for 2015 was held recently by RBI on 4th August, 2015, and as was widely expected, there was no drop in the repo rate and it stayed firm at the previous rate of 7.25%. Learn more

3 Reasons to join an Investment Bank

People you work with.. Like you, they’ll have come through an exacting selection and training process and we guarantee that the vast majority will be bright and interesting high achievers who care desperately about what they do every day at Learn more

Imarticus Learning Financial Services Round Table Conference

Imarticus Learning is proud to announce the Financial Services Round Table conference on Risk Management, which is an opportunity to engage with leading industry experts in the areas of Market, Credit and Operational Risk. This conference hosts three panels (comprised Learn more

Imarticus Learning Reviews – Students Experience

Imarticus Learning owes its existence to Mr. Nikhil Barshikar’s (M.D –Imarticus Learning) vision of providing trained technical personnel of international class who would act as leaders in the Banking, Analytics & technology space globally. Imarticus has been in existence since Learn more

What is the difference between an Investment Bank and a Retail Bank?

This could easily be asked as an interview question and one that seemingly causes a lot of confusion for aspirants in the Finance domain. To help you understand investment banking, it’s best to differentiate it from the type of banking Learn more

Greece goes bankrupt (again) Know why you should care

In this session, our notable speaker, Prof. Sankarshan Basu from IIM-Bangalore, spent an hour with our students on the financial and political crisis that has currently crippled Greece. Greece has spent 90 years in financial crisis and was in talks Learn more

Overview of Investment Banking

“Wall Street is the only place where people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.” – Warren Buffet As the credit crisis unfolds globally, I’ve heard a lot of people asking the Learn more

The Data analytics employment boom

They are not just for engineers and IT departments — analysts could come from just about anywhere Big data has been constructively cast as “the new oil” and held up as the economic counterbalance to America’s sinking developed sector. As Learn more

How to Succeed as an Analyst in Investment Banking

Investment Banking is not just about horsepower, if it was then the smartest people in the room would be PhD holders. Most successful Investment Bankers are not CA’s and neither are they CFA’s. Most Investment Banking analysts around the world Learn more