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Deciding what to read next?

Deciding what to read next?

You’re in the right place.  If you enjoy reading about Finance. “IMARTICUS GOOD READS” DISRUPT YOURSELF: PUTTING THE POWER OF DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION TO WORK  Author : Whitney Johnson Johnson, a Merrill Lynch equity analyst turned entrepreneur, shows how and why Learn more
The role of Industry Analysis in Corporate Finance

The role of Industry Analysis in Corporate Finance

Reshma Krishnan What surprises our IFAP and students the most during the program is not how difficult and subjective Valuation and interpreting Financial Statements can be but how quant work is not the be all and end all of Financial Learn more
Understanding the relationship between Bond prices and Yields

Understanding the relationship between Bond prices and Yields

Today we try and understand the relationship between Bond Prices and Yield. Bonds or Fixed Income products per say have been a great area of interest for investors and specially traders globally. Investment banks have always relied heavily on FICC Learn more

What is SAS?

The buzz word everywhere is analytics but it’s only when your interest is piqued and you decide to investigate a little further that the realm of all analytics software tools opens up. Among these, SAS you will soon find is Learn more

Back to Basics | Financing and that ‘buyside-sellside’ confusion!

The other half of traditional Investment Banking, Financing or Corporate Financial Advisory, comprises of structuring and executing a variety of transactions including equity offerings and debt issuances to help companies raise money to fund both organic and inorganic growth. Banks Learn more

Back to Basics | Mergers & Acquisitions

  This is the classic investment banking product offering and involves providing advice to businesses, private investors, government agencies, private individuals and families in divesting and acquiring assets. Advice is provided on a full range of transactions including mergers, sales, Learn more

Back to Basics | Introduction to Investment Banking

  At its heart, Investment Banking is the job of the intermediary; it is the key link between buying and selling, raising and lending. It’s hard to know what you want to do in life if you don’t know what Learn more

Upgrade your financial skills with CIBIF

Chartered accountants are considered as one of the most sought after professionals in the finance industry and becoming one can expose you to a lot of job opportunities. These opportunities extend to lucrative careers in the Global Investment Banking sector, Learn more

What’s IB without IT?

Imarticus Learning introduces the first batch of the program ‘Certified Investment Banking IT Professional’ (CIBIT 2012) at its Mumbai campus. Information Technology plays an integral part in the financial services industry, particularly in investment banking. A key enabler for success, Learn more


“PERFECT INVESTMENT FOR INVESTMENT BANKING” That’s how our student, Vivek Shah feels after joining Imarticus. This is what he has to say about us – “Wishes will come true as targeted goals become clear, After joining Imarticus, investment bank will become Learn more